“One of our own” – transfer nonsense just doesn’t matter now…


Rangers fans didn’t know much about Ryan Kent last summer. Unwanted at Liverpool, failed at all his loan sides, he lacked direction in his career and he wasn’t coming to Ibrox with much of a reputation. Indeed, despite how effective he was around November/December, it took him those three or four months to get to that level, and in the second half of the season his stellar displays were fleeting.

But above all else – he wasn’t our player, and all Rangers were doing was developing another club’s player at our expense for Liverpool to sell on at a huge profit. It hasn’t really worked out for Kent in that way, whereby all suitors appears to have pulled out, but nevertheless, the frustration of his not being our own player was something which punctuated his time here. And now with his apparent reluctance to return being amplified by reports claiming he joined a Liverpool pre-season camp, we’ve run out of patience.

Not Jordan Jones. Our very own winger, with stats comparable to Kent’s for a much more defensive team, while also not only playing for his country, but delivering assists – three of them in his nine appearances.

The best part of this is Jordan Jones is our man – last season Rangers had to tolerate too many outfield players who just weren’t ours. Sure, most of them were trash, but nevertheless these players we’d borrowed were obviously not our ours to keep and much of the speculation was about trying to secure them permanently – not only Kent, but for a period Joe Worrall too and Angers’ Lassana Coulibaly when he looked the part.

But with all the permanent signings Rangers have made this summer, that just isn’t an issue aside potentially Sheyi Ojo.

And it’s such a nice feeling that an international with the quality of Jones is our player after spending a year begging Ryan Kent to stay.

Makes a change.


  1. Much as I loved Kent, with Jones, Murphy and Middleton covering the Left Wing we can live without him.

  2. Thank you. Glad to finally read a piece that isn't claiming Kent as the next messiah. I'm 39, my heroes are McCoist, Laudrup, Goram, Gough, McCall – guys that performed week in, week out, season after season…… Kent had 3 or 4 good games for us and 30 or 40 where he did zilch.

    Don't get me wrong, i'd welcome him back with open arms if he wants it, his pace scares opposing players, but i won't lose sleep if he doesn't.

    Truthfully i can't wait to see Hastie stroll out at the Old Lady and tear teams apart – that's the signing of the summer for me.

    • So "Kent had 3 or 4 good games for us and 30 or 40 where he did zilch…" but you'd "welcome him back with open arms…"? That makes sense doesn't it??

      All this revisionist nonsense about how average Kent was makes me laugh. He won Young Player of the Year remember – where was Hastie in that discussion?

  3. I don't understand why you are giving Kent a hard time.
    Kent didn't "join a Liverpool pre season camp". He is a Liverpool player and will do what he's told. He has 3 possible outcomes:
    1. Stay at Liverpool as part of their squad which is very unlikely.
    2. Be sold for a decent fee which also looks unlikely but could still happen.
    3. Go out on loan somewhere, possibly Rangers.
    Option 3 will be his least favourable option which is perfectly understandable for his future. That is not a slight on Rangers or his feelings towards Rangers. He knows we can't afford to sign him long term so possibly sees another year here just delaying the inevitable of finding a long term club. That's not to say if he does end up back at Ibrox that he won't give his all for the club and once again be a valuable member of our team.

    • I have to agree. Football isn't a long career, and perhaps at this stage in his career he's hoping to get roots down and not be loaned out again..after the last few seasons on loan he must eager to do just that. No doubt he'd sign for Rangers if we could afford him. Fantastic player.

    • Exactly Rob, You cant put any blame on the boy and If Kent can continues with the form he started showing 2nd half of season and Rangers are lucky enough to get him the goals that will come through him and Ojo,(Who is better than Kent imo) will be awesome 🙂

  4. Looking forward to seeing our young new signings this season . I think they can all have an impact . I would prefer we looked for another strike option …Strong rumour Leicester are keen on Alfredo

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