Sunday, 14 July 2019

"Not there yet - 6", "the most underrated we have - 9" - Rangers match ratings v Marseille

Another pre-season match goes without a goal conceded and a Rangers side scoring a glut. Ibrox Noise takes you through the match player-by-player (mostly) and gives our ratings for the most significant performers.

How many do you agree with?


Are Rangers goalies ever going to be needed this pre-season? Had zilch beyond a few kicks. Easy match for Greegsy. N/A


Still looks rusty, and not on the same wavelength as the rest yet – managed a couple of good crosses though, just less of his usual lung-bursting runs. Getting better but not there yet. 6


Smooth performance from the stopper, who did well with the ball at his feet and cleared what little danger came his way. Even stole a goal the swine…. Amazing how players step up when there’s real competition for their place. 7


A solid performance from the ex-Oldham man, wasn’t pressed too much but was confident with what work he needed to do. Used the ball forward less than in previous outings but can be happy with his all-round contribution. 7


His development into a Rangers player continues, and while he failed to get any crosses in, or even try, he linked up brilliantly with Jones and managed to defend extremely well too. A polished display from the Croat. 7


Immaculate – it was only a friendly but this Steven Davis is a much better player than the one who left all those years ago. Works harder, uses the ball better, influences the game far more and is just a completely different prospect. When it comes to bargains, getting this guy on a free is one of the most underrated we have. He’s becoming as important now as Arfield. 9


Actually not a hugely influential match given he played deeper, but his glorious assist for Candeias was a sign of his new-found vision and creativity, and his shot as well was unfortunate not to test the keeper. A quiet display, but his few contributions were meaningful. 7


Much, much better performance from Aribo who revelled in the spotlight. Didn’t waste a pass, didn’t waste a possession, and looked strong, mobile, robust, and used the ball impeccably. The closest he got to an error was a pass inside which got slightly deflected but still got to its destination. He also ball-won countless times and it all just looked too easy for him. This is the Aribo we were promised. 9


His brightest display yet, energetic and as we said, linking up superbly with Barisic. Jones is getting better with each match, and while he didn’t manage a goal or assist, he was a menace. Showing more and more why he’s a fully-fledged NI international. 8


As we said before, his place is under threat and he keeps on producing reasons to show Stevie why he’s wrong to overlook him. His first goal was brilliant, his second nothing short of word class and his movement was generally marvellous. All the new talent is threatening him and the omission from UEL squad stung him, so he’s going to prove he’s worth keeping. 9


Unselfish assist for Candeias’ first (in all fairness outside the box Alfie has never been anything other than a team player) and might have done better with his early half volley – a decent performance from Morelos but not anything astonishing and did look a little distracted. 6

Selected subs:


This was probably Ojo’s weakest performance – managed an excellent assist but was unable to exert his previous domination of the right wing and showed some selfishness during one run blazing over where laying off would have been wiser. Just wasn’t able to get into this one like he has previously. 6


Another one utterly under threat and his crossing was excellent, as was his dead ball delivery. Every time fans reject Halliday and his contributions, he steps up and delivers what’s needed. It was an excellent cameo in both midfield and left back. 8


Quietish cameo from Kamara, didn’t really get massively involved in this one, and suffered second half sub syndrome as the game lost some structure. 6


Looked nervous and that’s completely understandable – it may take Murphy weeks or even months to get up to speed but it’s wonderful seeing him fit and healthy again. Did manage one excellent run and scared the life out of everyone when he stayed down for an age after being upended. 6


Steven Gerrard can be delighted with how his Rangers vision is shaping up. By flooding the squad with quality additions, he’s forcing existing players to up their game – the hunger and work ethic, at times absent last season, is abundant right now – not hard when you have to overcome two outstanding players for your slot at times. His tactic of making everyone battle for their place is working, and while it’s only pre-season, this method is taking Rangers higher for now. By rejecting Candeias especially, he gets more out of him when he uses him – and the system is getting the most out of the players too. Rangers’ split form seems to have continued and we can’t fault much at all right now. Gerrard can feel fairly pleased with himself! 10

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