Media-driven agenda appears to have targeted Rangers players…


We’re amused on Ibrox Noise to see a recent media-driven ‘valuation’ of James Tavernier claim the fullback is now only worth £8M.

In recent days, we’ve seen a few different sources seemingly pluck this number from thin air, not to mention this following on from those who claimed ‘insiders’ had valued the player at only £2M more at £10M.

With Kieran Tierney at around £25M+ and Scott McKenna at £8M, we’re genuinely snorting at any claim Tavernier would only fetch a sum similar to McKenna.

McKenna’s CV is a litany of average. A handful of Scotland caps, two appearances in Europa League qualifiers, and that’s about it – he hasn’t won a thing – and yet he’s worth close to £10M where the media now have Tav down at £8M?

Let’s just look again at Tavernier’s resume:

27, captain of one of Britain’s biggest clubs, never injured in four years, 10 UEL appearances, one goal one assist, 11 UEL qualifiers, four assists, two goals, 111 SPL appearances with 23 goals and 28 assists… all of this from RB. And it’s not even all.

£8M? What is driving this sudden media agenda to undervalue one of Rangers’ most important assets? It is clear, by these nonsense modern transfer fees, if someone like Tierney can fetch beyond £25M, and McKenna close to £10M, that Tavernier is evidently some way above the Aberdeen man’s value.

Whether he matches Tierney without international and UCL experience is not clear, but his domestic stats thump the Celtic man’s as do his appearance and consistency history, not to mention European stats even if at a lower level.

The point is Tavernier, stay or go, is a lot more valuable than this sudden £8M the media are touting him for.

Anyone who wants his signature will have to fork out a tonne more than that.

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  1. Hope we keep Tav dnt wana sell him he is too important, if him and barisic play well and get the deliveries into the box defo and Fred will Finnish, that said I would rather get sell Alfredo than Tav….

  2. The scottish media are a joke and so anti rangers it's ridiculous. They are clearly undervaluing our players in order to make any potential suitors not want to give us big money for them. Therefore giving us less money to spend on players that are good enough to take the fight to the Jim Torbett loyal.

    They're going to be raging when it doesn't work though because Stevie G won't stand for letting our best players leave for the downright pathetic numbers mentioned in our media.

    Tavernier, in my opinion, is a £20m player. He is our captain. He is in the prime of his career at 27 years old. He contributed almost 40 goals from right back last season when you combine goals and assists, which is more than most strikers do. I'm pretty sure there's not a right back on the planet with the same stats. He is simply irreplaceable to our club.

    Personally i'd try and keep him until we win the league (which will hopefully be this season.)

    If we do have to sell him though, start the bidding at £20m please.

  3. No one has bid for either Tav or Morelos. That's according to our manager. Until such time as a club does any figure that are banded about are just made up.
    The club as said it wants £20m for Morelos. The club hasn't come out and said anything about what they value Tav at. So we don't know.
    On transfer market he is valued at only £1.8m. goes to show no-one out with the club know what they would accept

  4. Ceptic can drive up the price for Tierney because it appears he is not that desperate to go. It appears to me that Tavernier is happy here so if he is not pushing for a move we can hold out for money that would be too good to turn down, somewhere beyond £10m. Either pay up or go away. Remember, new prices not the old prices.

    • Totally agree. Just the usual media pish. They must love this time of year were they can make up bullshit stories and no one calls them out on it.
      The story about the ex AC Milan player being linked to Celtic was started by a couple of the manky mobs supporters for a joke on Friday. They admitted to starting it and posted screenshots online, get the evening times and daily record are reporting it as news.

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