“If they want him”: Steven Gerrard has dramatically changed tact over major summer transfer…


Steven Gerrard appears to have dropped a hint, or indeed outright encouragement, that he wants to sell Alfredo Morelos and be done with it.

Provoking potential suitors, Rangers’ manager for the first time appeared keen to get the saga out of the way, by suggesting rival sides need to come in quickly to get him.

He said:

“I can’t control the speculation, but as a club we haven’t got a decision to make because a bid hasn’t come of any sort. Does anyone want Alfredo Morelos? I don’t know, I can’t answer that question, but if they do they best bring a really, really big offer. It won’t happen late. A million per cent it won’t happen late, that’s for sure. So if someone wants to spend a lot of money on a centre-forward and they want my centre-forward, they will have to come early. If he did end up going he would be impossible to replace with days or weeks to go in the window. We don’t want to sell him, but you know and I know that every player has a price. I’m not going to sit here and say he’s not going out the door because if a bid lands that the board like and want to accept, it’s a completely different conversation. But that hasn’t happened. There hasn’t been one single bid. If teams are planning on waiting until days or the last week of the window, they are wasting their time.”

It’s a very interesting quote really – if they want a striker and they want Alfredo they will have to come soon. And that’s direct from Gerrard, with the first real sign of trying to bait a club into a big offer to get shot of the striker.

He clearly knows the Colombian wants to leave, and recent quotes have confirmed that on the ex-Helsinki striker’s part, and the only way the board will allow that to happen is with a healthy offer. For all the rhetoric we hear about how much the board want, they will probably accept anything over £10M with addons.

But it has to be submitted first, and if ever we saw Gerrard playing to the galleries and trying to incite a bidding war for the 23-year old, this would be it.


  1. Have always said this,,,Morelos and Tav are going no where. Teams do not value them at 10-20 million, and we wont sell below that price. Therefore stalemate and will continue playing at Ibrox for the foreseeable.
    Morelos needs to grow up this season and stay on the park. If he doesn't and keeps costing us points and games, then I would drop him like a hot potato. We simply cannot afford to drop stupid points again like we did last season., and that goes for all the players too!

  2. Gerrard is simply stating a fact. I don't think anything he said suggests he wants rid of Morelos, in fact the clue comes when he says "We don’t want to sell him", but the reality is if a big enough offer comes in he's off. I think it's reassuring that he can confidently say that if it comes down to the last few days of the window even a sizable bid will be rejected.

    • "We dont want to sell him" is just SG covering himself. Reading between the lines, the gaffer wants him gone.

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