Ibrox shock as exit talk resumes after possible change of heart…


Despite being present for training and missing the second leg of St Joseph’s through ineligibility, Daniel Candeias has been completely excluded for today’s visit of Blackburn, adding further fuel to the departure story.

The Portuguese spoke to Turkish representatives over a possible switch, but after he was seen laughing and joking with Stevie in recent days hopes had been raised that the exit was possibly off.

With, however, his omission from the entire match day squad for the clash against Tony Mowbray’s men, it does look even more likely the 31-year old has played his last match for Rangers under Steven Gerrard.

The manager has put out a pretty strong team to say the least but it’s the absence of the previous stalwart that continues to raise eyebrows, and after the brief possibility that he was remaining at Ibrox recently, it seems he is still very much one Gerrard doesn’t see as part of Rangers’ future.

Watch this space.


  1. His attitude is very disappointing . On the evidence of our last three games he may be badly missed. Not only Candeias but Tavernier, Kamara,and Ojo still need to show a lot more fight and determination. Stewart is my choice for right wing on Thursday.

  2. Pish! He's thrown ra dummy oot coz he's feelin' it wi aw these new arrivals . He's trying tae haud us tae ransom . He's good , aye , we'll miss him if he goes of course but he canny start trying tae tell the manager who and when shall be in the team . He knows by doing this he'll get attention . SG isnae gonnae run aroon dabbin his face everytime he spills some freekin soup doon it or wants the toys put back in the pram . Imagine aw that an then he gets injured n is oot as long as Murph'!??! How are we gonnae look then . Daniel , stay , we love ye but it's no aw aboot you mucker ! It's aw aboot the Rangers !

  3. tav looked lost today without danny as ojo was absolutely abysmal and is on the wrong wing he won't work with tav..as for murphy he's not good enough ..we may lose tav yet to Newcastle then we are in the crap …and kamara should not play ahead of Docherty he gives the ball away far to much and the reason he cost 50k …Gerrard doesn't know his best 11 with a ridiculous ammout of midfielders and wingers …we need a striker and a left back …and stop messing about far to many changes every game …

    • Glad someone else see's the Kamara i see right now, his honeymoon period is over and he's now showing why he was with Dundee last term, he's really going to have to step it up big time as right now Docherty for me is miles ahead of him.

    • It's called pre-season Brapman. You know, the part of the season where you play lots of fairly meaningless games and play lots of players to try and give everyone an opportunity to prove themselves and then decide what your best team is.

  4. Two standouts today were in midfield, namely Steven Davis and Scott Arfield. Those two and McGregor are a class apart but still prone to cock ups at the back

  5. Candeias is Pathetic for Trying to Dictate to Stevie when He Plays
    …He's Also a Coward for not staying and Fighting for the Jersey

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