Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Have Ryan Kent and his agent put their foot in it?

Another day, another twist in the Ryan Kent saga. It’s turning into Alan Smith, Robbie Fowler, and more recently, Steven Naismith. The former two of course never did turn out for the Light Blues, but Naismith did – a summer-long saga was secured in 2007 at the eleventh hour.

And Stevie is willing to give the Kent pursuit the same legroom.

But there’s a problem – sure, Ryan Kent’s agent and camp have suggested a loan deal is still on, but the issue there is it’s completely Jurgen Klopp’s call and not theirs.

Lest his agent forgets – while he works for Ryan Kent, Ryan Kent works for Liverpool, and Liverpool have the final, and indeed only, say on what happens with him.

His bumping his gums in the press about how a loan deal could still be possible is literally futile, and mere desperation to try and force Klopp to change his mind.

But the Anfield manager was clear – he doesn’t want to loan Kent out again, and evidently the winger isn’t going to make it for his parent club, so no matter what Kent’s representation says, it’s hollow words.

Ultimately Klopp has played this one interestingly – he’s managed to isolate the player by reducing Kent’s options next season, while equally rejecting him as a Liverpool player, but in truth he doesn’t seem that bothered by how Kent feels.

Kent for his part is clear – omitted from the French training camp, albeit there are claims that’s down to illness like his absence from Napoli was, Kent wants to get first team football.

All players do. And when he was told that won’t be at Liverpool, he deleted them from his social media.

But, unfortunately he and his agents throwing ‘a tantrum’ over their expectations isn’t going to do much to persuade Klopp. It’s no skin off his nose to have an unhappy player in the U23s.

Unless Rangers stump up the asking price, whatever that actually is, Kent will rot in Liverpool’s reserves, it appears.

Not ideal for anyone.                                       

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