Four-twist development for Rangers signing saga


Yesterday saw some lively developments on Rangers’ transfer market front. We’ll cover the rest later, but the most illuminating was the four-twist story on the Ryan Kent saga.

For those under a rock, Kent is of course a huge target this summer for Steven Gerrard, who is willing to wait till the final minutes of August 31st to secure his man.

Or… that is… ‘was’.

The Kent deal has officially been curtailed now, and the situation is 100% dead in the water, barring a miracle.

How did it get to this?

It all started when, twist one, Kent was omitted from yesterday’s friendly with Napoli at Murrayfield. Manager Jurgen Klopp attributed it to a virus, but given what he said thereafter, we have doubts.

And what did the Anfield chief say thereafter?

To make it clear – twist two, Kent will NOT be going out on loan again, and at his age needs to feel settled.

So, that, point one, means Rangers will NOT be getting him for a season long loan again. An official rebuke there for Steven Gerrard.

However, the wording from Klopp indicated two concerning things for Kent himself – that he will not be allowed to go out on loan anywhere else ever again, and critically, that he will not be making it at Liverpool. Twist three:

“At the age he is now, he needs to find a place where he can settle. We will see what happens but a loan is not planned.”

The fact Klopp did not mention Kent’s parent team while mentioning how important it is for the player to find somewhere to settle indicates the former Borussia manager has seen enough and decided Kent, despite a decent pre-season, isn’t what he wants.

So, someone has to stump up the £12M or whatever Liverpool want for his services.

The next stage of the potential acrimony is an apparent hissy fit from Kent:

Twist four: he’s erased Liverpool entirely from his social media.

After Klopp’s statement, and to be fair we don’t blame Kent for this, he’s now endeavouring to cut ties with his employer, and that starts by removing them from his Twitogram etc.

It is slightly immature of course, but Kent now knows he’s done at Anfield, and he isn’t getting a loan out anywhere else. That said, given how many loans he’s had, it’s not entirely unfair to suggest it’s time for him to step up and secure stability.

But with no bids received and only loan interest in the winger, Kent may now be stuck on Merseyside with their youth team.

Unless Rangers sell a major asset and suddenly have £10M+ to play with, and similarly decide Kent is worth all £10M+, he will not be seen in a Rangers shirt again.

So… barring aforementioned miracle, Kent to Rangers is 100% dead now.



  1. A think if we put a 5 mill bid in and he says he wants move Liverpool will say yes they will know we can't afford more money than that and player wants move it will happen then we don't buy a striker a think we spend 5 mill on Kent or roofe it's up to Liverpool or leeds if they want to sell

  2. In my opinion, Klopp is wasting a good talent by placing him into the youth team, or trying to set a bidding war up for him, very surprised at Klopp’s style considering he's one of the best coaches in the game. Plus there is no way Kent is making that first eleven at Liverpool.
    My prediction is, if no bids are made, which I think there will be, he will be back at Rangers at the eleventh hour.
    Klopp don’t have a great talent sit on the Liverpool scrap heap, no matter what age the player is, he needs settled and regular football !

  3. Premier League teams can only name 25 players in their squad. Kent didnt get in the 25 last year and he won't get in this year either. This means he either leaves or rots in the youths.

    Klopp wants to sell and was basically inviting bids. If none come in that are acceptable then he will come to us on loan again. But I reckon a decent level English Championship team will take him for £8m, which would be too rich for us. I'd rather if we spent £8m to do it on a striker and left back…

  4. Bigblue,i've been told by some people i call trustworthy sources,that you may be correct and ryan kent will be a rangers player,on a PERMANENT CONTRACT.
    Ibrox noise,i've been told,that rangers will sign ryan kent for £4million on a permanent deal with a clause inserted into the deal,that liverpool will be entitled to 50%,if rangers ever chose to sell him on again,in the future.
    Only sharing what some usually reliable sources of mine,have just told me half an hour ago.Really hope its true as i rate kenty and like most of us,want him back at rangers.Terrific wee player he is and the permanent signing of him would be amazing for me personally anyway.We'll now just have to wait and see.God i hope so.

  5. Ryan Kent was very good for Rangers last year but to put it into perspective he wasn't Stellar !! I for one wouldn't spend any money on him . I would prefer Roffe who was consistently one of Leeds best players last season .

  6. thank you liverpool for nothing ,rangers have made kent ,rangers please stop bringing on other teams youngsters ,kent was good but not our best player bye any means ,surely hes not worth 12 million ,i believe he will be a ranger for around 6 million if we can get grezda out the door ,dont believe english teams will stump up 12 million cause he had few good games for gers ,cant believe wee did not sign shankland guy is a poacher will come back to haunt us ,w,a,t,p

  7. Our fans need too get a grip. Seriously do some people want rangers to go under again I would definitely not be splashing out 10 million plus on no player no matter how good just now. We have a big bill coming in from sports direct we can not afford players at that price so we should be staying well away from it.

  8. I forecast the Fat Lady is still going through scales to loosen her throat.
    This story has further to go, I suspect.

  9. Ryan Kent will be lucky to get a game for Liverpool. Klopp will end up with a very disgruntled player.

  10. Hope a deal can be struck for Kent he is a good talent that won't let too many wet his leg. Personally think he will be a Ranger as Klopp and Stevie G are tight. The air is starting to turn blue. We will follow on 💙🐻🎖️

  11. Hope a deal can be struck for Kent he is a good talent that won't let too many wet his leg. Personally think he will be a Ranger as Klopp and Stevie G are tight. The air is starting to turn blue. We will follow on 💙🐻🎖️

  12. Can't see anyone forking out £12m for someone unproven at EPL level with no great track record before coming to Rangers. If not a loan would still be a sensible option for Liverpool and surely we would be in pole position. I would take him back but I wouldn't spend any significant money on him even if we do sell big.

  13. Move on for fucksake,could see the point if he was that good,6 goals,9 assists in 43 games and 3438 mins played,Jamie Murphy,27 games,6 goals,13 assists and 2132 mins played,Glen Middleton,29 games,5 goals,5 assists and 1138 mins,Kent was worth around 1.5 mill before he came to the famous now all of a sudden he's worth 12 mill,my arse,he played around 6 games where he was top notch and the rest between ok and shite,my point is ,why the fuck is he so special ???…..No Surrender….

  14. Tell klopp to keep him as he will not get a game for Liverpool first team as he is not really that special

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