“Fleeced” – Rangers fans confused by strange financial disparity…


Rangers fans are continuing to be bewildered over the club’s confirmation that the TV stream to face Derby this afternoon will cost RTV subscribers £12 while Derby’s equivalent will cost their fans £7.99.

We must admit at the site we’re more than a bit bemused by this, by the £4 difference, and while obviously RTV will employ Tom Miller and a special guest (as always) where Derby will have their own men, ultimately it’s the same TV feed that RTV will put out for both.

The question is why are Rangers charging more to our fans for the stream than Derby are to theirs.

Well, a clue, to an extent, may be in the previous paragraph. This production will be entirely footed by RTV – from the filming, to the editing, to the technicals, it will be completely RTV’s own work. Therefore it is costing Rangers money up front.

Rangers then agree a deal with Derby to allow them to share the same broadcast, but because Derby aren’t the ones producing the content, they don’t have to charge their fans the same amount – they will pay their rights for broadcasting the stream and then the rest is up to Rangers.

Derby will have their own presentation team of Owen Bradley joined by former Rams defender Shane Nicholson and Shaun Barker, but to the best of our knowledge, the reason their fans pay less is effectively Rangers supporters are footing the brunt of the cost of Rangers’ own TV production.

Of course, we may be wildly wrong – Derby may in fact have their own production for this one from the ground up, and after all, they do claim:

“RamsTV will then present full multi-camera coverage of the game at Ibrox with full commentary and replays of all the key moments.”

But then that’s what RTV does, so, probably not.

Either way, Rangers fans are paying £4 more than Derby are, and no matter what, fans aren’t thrilled with that.

One further caveat though – £12 has been the consistent price of live RTV streams this pre-season from the word go. So while it’s still too much, it’s certainly got a precedent.


  1. Now we know now how we've not had an away game down south for the fans it's bacause we need to pay fat mike a few million we've prob made a couple million with gate/ppv money it helps the club so we need to just pay it

  2. Don`t pay it if you`re not happy , I`m sure there are other cheaper ways of seeing the game.

  3. Full Derby commentary …all Derby stuff in the breaks but very neutral commentating ….surely Derby had to pay Rangers for viewing rights ? Though I'm no expert in these matters ..personally it's just stood of being ripped off

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