Did Jurgen Klopp really say that about Ryan Kent?

Did Jurgen Klopp really say that about Ryan Kent?

Jurgen Klopp has both boosted Rangers’ chances of re-signing Ryan Kent while dousing them at the same time, after he highly praised Kent’s pre-season performances, but admitted team mate Harry Wilson was the big stand out.

Both wingers are desperately trying to prove themselves good enough to play for Liverpool, and neither are doing their chances any harm at all, but it’s Klopp’s comments on Kent which have been seized on by the negative media up north, while ignoring the rest of what the German manager said.

Speaking to Liverpool’s official site, he said:

“There were very good moments – very, very good moments, especially Harry.  They are good players. Ryan had sensational moments in the Sevilla game – one-on-one situations are his big strength. He is a wonderful kid, a wonderful player. Harry is as well.”

The fact he gave Kent significant praise is a negative for Rangers’ chances of bringing him back, but the similar fact he namedropped Wilson as the standout of the youth players trying to break through is a boost for Rangers – being second best in a promising group isn’t enough to break through at Anfield, you have to be the best of the best – and while Wilson himself probably falls a bit short overall, well, we probably thought that once about Harry Winks at Spurs and look how that turned out.

But the fact Klopp lavishly praised Kent is not the only part to this – the simple reality that Wilson is the one to stand out the most means he’s far more likely to achieve that slim hope of making it at Liverpool.

This story is likely to continue all through the summer so, unfortunately, this update isn’t the last you’ve heard on it.


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  1. Who Cares?
    Kent isn't our Player & Klopp is a Tosser

    You'd think a manager would want to send their player to a place where he was gonna be happy and playing every week 🤔
    …Especially since the team who wants him is currently manager by one of their Greatest ever Players of the PL Era

    I mean Come on, Let's be Realistic,
    Wilson and Kent are not Dislodging Salah/Mane in a Month of Sunday's

  2. I have read and re-read this and looking for numerous explanations then thought why. Why should we as Rangers look into the thoughts of another (amazing and yet use that connection) manager. IN did a p
    Post on loan ratios….id not take Kent back unless he offered something amazing….i loved his attitude, i suspect SG did too but we cant have too many loans. Lets get our own assets in, use youth and build

  3. Did not miss Kent at all through the pre season games, and don't think we will miss him next season either. He is good, but only turned up in a handful of games.
    Don't see the fuss myself, we should concentrate in getting a quality fast, powerful and tall striker.

  4. Or maybe Klopp is just bigging up his players for any potential sale. After all a player from the Liverpool first team squad is a whole lot more valuable prospect than a player loaned out to Rangers. Even though it's the same player. Maybe Rangers could take some lessons here.

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