“And they’re off” – the exodus of Rangers men confirmed gone


With two pre-season matches now under Rangers’ belt, the state of the playing squad becomes clearer and clearer.

That is, it becomes clearer whose careers at Ibrox are definitely over especially by their absences from the friendlies.

Let’s take a look player-by-player of all those whose times in Govan are now clearly at an end.

Jordan Rossiter:

Not been at pre-season at all, his time at Ibrox is done. Initially it was explained as ‘resting’ but as we said a couple of weeks ago, that sounded like hogwash. Not been part of either friendly. He’s gone.

Graham Dorrans:

Has been told his time at Ibrox is over, and it’s time to find a new club. It just didn’t work out for Dorrans despite his talent, and he’s been omitted from both friendlies and wasn’t involved in Portugal.

Eros Grezda:

Didn’t come back to Auchenhowie for pre-season and was told by Steven Gerrard not to bother coming to Portugal. This flop was an absolute shambles of a signing and predictably wasn’t involved in either of the 90-minute workouts.

Joe Dodoo:

Completely surplus, it didn’t work out for Joe at Ibrox at all, albeit he wasn’t played in the correct position. Another absence from the friendlies, Dodoo is free to find a new club.

Jason Holt:

Working on his ticket to QPR, Holt was told long ago his services weren’t needed at Ibrox any more. Did return to pre-season at Auchenhowie initially but didn’t go to Portugal and wasn’t involved v Mansfield or TNS.

Ryan Hardie:

Said to be working on a move to Blackpool, this striker was just never on Steven Gerrard’s radar and he didn’t play any part in the friendlies – bit of a shame really, he does have talent but he just doesn’t interest the manager.

Kyle Lafferty:

Some Thai mob said to be in for him, and it’s evident his Rangers career is over. Not been at pre-season, Gerrard has wiped his hands of the big man.

Eduardo Herrera:

Still our player but obviously won’t ever play for us again – naturally wasn’t in the friendlies and probably isn’t even in Europe. Sooner the paperwork writes this guy off the better.

Now the next two are only ‘maybes’ – we don’t really know what’s going on with either of them, so they’re not part of the strict exodus.

Glenn Middleton:

Didn’t go to Portugal, was at the return to Auchenhowie, but didn’t show for the arrival back, Middleton isn’t strictly done at Ibrox but his loan move to Doncaster is close to collapse. The winger doesn’t know what his future is right now.

Robby McCrorie:

Ross’s twin, McCrorie played no part in either friendly but has been part of the training, mostly. Going back out on loan to QOTS, but honestly he’s been in and out of it all for quite a while.

There are a few rumours about some other players who were involved with the friendlies, given Stevie’s need to continue thinning the herd. We’re not giving too many of those stories countenance just yet.


  1. Lot of dead wood we have, sooner they are off the better. Middleton has quality though but if you want to challenge the best you need to be smart wit your dealings as well.

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