Agent confirms Rangers talks with 20 appearance UCL star


With Martin Skrtel’s agent today confirming the player is currently in talks with Steven Gerrard’s Rangers, it reopens a whole can of worms regarding Rangers’ rearguard.

Of course, Steven Gerrard has already added two new centrebacks in George Edmundson and Filip Helander, giving him four viable options at the back.

But if the cost of Skrtel can be managed within the club’s budget, and give his wage demands were previously at around £50,000 a week, that’s a very big if, there are probably few Rangers fans who absolutely wouldn’t want the Slovakian colossus.

He is, no matter the circumstances, a top defender, even if he’s arguably past his peak, and he’s still delivering at levels high enough to justify a move to Rangers.

The weight of the Rangers shirt would be no trouble to Gerrard’s ex-team mate.

But of course, there’s a huge caveat – the agent could well be talking absolute piffle and trying to drum up interest in his client. We know the same agent has been talking about interest in the player from the likes of Parma (strange one given they already have Bruno Alves) and Olympiacos, and Rangers are another big name to create even more.

But this story could actually be true – and it’s a very clear statement that he’s made – that Skrtel is indeed meeting with Rangers to discuss a move.

Do we want him? If the price is right, we wouldn’t say no. Regular readers will know we’re not convinced by Goldson, and while we do like Katic, he’s error prone even over a year after joining, something George Edmundson, a year or two younger, doesn’t seem to suffer. Meanwhile Helander isn’t fit yet and a team like Rangers could really use five top stoppers at the back, with Skrtel being a really marquee name who, at 34, is the alpha type centre half that Rangers no longer have.

In short, Rangers’ defenders are all 26 or younger, with no outright leader there. Maybe Steven Gerrard thinks he needs a leader at the back, a true captain to steady the ship, and that’s why talks with Skrtel have resumed.

If the pay structure can be kept within Rangers’ limits, and Skrtel really does want to join his old team mate, we’re not against it.

But that’s a lot of ifs…

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  1. Defo no way we need five centre halfs. Big Goldson is a player. We need more fire power not defenders n certainly no midfielders. We need power up top

  2. He is past his very best, but I do think that he would be hugely influential and our top central defender. That said, I suspect it is all academic as I can't see Rangers getting near his wage demands.
    Still, no harm in hoping…

  3. Utter bollox , we now have 4 centre backs all signed by Steven Gerrard so why would we want a fifth. We don`t want him ,can`t afford him and don`t need him .

    • Totally agree. We've been burnt too many times buying washed up hasbeens with no ambition beyond another decent pay cheque. If we've got money to burn I suggest a striker in mid 20s who we can get a few years out of then move on at a profit.

  4. We would have to lose one of the four we have. All signed for decent or big money except Edmundson, all signed by SG, no failures, just so we can sign a 34yr old who didn't want to play for us before because we couldn't pay the big money he wanted.
    Don't see it, don't want it

  5. Utter nonsense. If this is true we've lost the plot. Thought we'd have learned our lesson with Alves.

  6. We were top scorers in the league last season, but still won sod all. That tells me that it is the defense that needs sorting out.And whilst Goldson and Katic are decent players, it seems that Stevie G maybe doesn't think that they are quite good enough.

    • That's why he bought Edmundson and Helander. Are you saying that these players are already deemed not good enough?

  7. If true then he lander would be a waste of money and the type of thing that got us into debt in the first place, splashing out on players that don't get into the team creating a huge squad and huge wage bills when half of them never feature. As edmuson looks a better prospect than he lander so far anyway, I mean could be wrong but he looks like he can defend and pick out a pass he can switch up the play and hit a diagonal where as helander looks like he just passes it to the nearest blue shirt to him regardless of who's in a better position. One thing in general the defence MUST do this season is not dilly dally around our own box and try to take 5 or 6 passes when one or 2 is enough to clear it, sloppy back passes & gifting opposition like tavenier did at the piggery. That was our own doing had he not done that it would have ended a draw rather than a defeat. At least worral is gone who cost us at least 6 points last year.

  8. Skirtel was a player of real quality he would probably look comfortable in the SPFL but that's not enough to pay that sort of sign on fee and wages. No Thanks think we need to stick with what we have Young Katic and Edmunson look the part as does Goldson…Helderson looks really rusty and unfit .

  9. We have not got that kind of money to pay his wage demands and anyhow we have got Edmundson, Helander, Goldsonand Katic.

  10. My issue is he wasn't interested until jes surplus now hes interested… Topping up his pension imo.

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