A whopping 82% of Rangers fans have confirmed star’s true worth…


As we discussed earlier, James Tavernier has suddenly and rather randomly been given a £8M pricetag.

From nowhere this number cropped up in the press and we must say we were surprised by it, and wondered why.

So, rather than continuing to be puzzled over what we thought our captain was truly worth, we decided to put it to you, the valued reader.

Where did he fit in on value?

Well we weren’t shocked by the response, and here it is:

11% of all replies reckoned James Tavernier isn’t even worth £5M. Can’t help suspecting types from another club may have infiltrated there…

8% reckoned the quoted number in the press is bang on, with them choosing £5M-£10M.

A very significant 18% went with a number beyond £20M.

And it won’t be any shock to hear the massive massive majority of 63% believe Tav will fetch Rangers somewhere between £10-£20M.

So, overall, 81% believe James Tavernier will fetch anything from £10M up to £25M+.

So the next time you read angry social media replies anywhere from fans pertaining to be ours and claiming James Tavernier isn’t worth much more than £5M, it’s a very high chance those fans ain’t ours.

On a factual basis the majority is dead right, and it’s no surprise to see these numbers at all.


  1. £15 million table stake to get in the auction.
    Unless you are Newcastle who also have to pay a £10 million Mike the bastard Ashley Tax, for a starting bid of £25 million

  2. I think We need to be Realistic
    We should be looking around £10-12mill

    …..And at most we won't get more than £15mill

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