Saturday, 15 June 2019

Why former Rangers star proves present one's incredible value...

On the top of James Tavernier and his transfer speculation, there has been a touch of ridicule and disagreement from the usual handwringers in our support that we can get £20M for him, that he would not be worth that.

The usual types play him down and smear yet another Rangers asset as worth buttons, asserting that he’s not good enough etc.

But a commenter on the site made a pretty sharp observation which really pours cold water over the notion he couldn’t be worth that kind of money;

In 2008 Rangers had a player, you may remember him, called Alan Hutton. Awesome going forward, with slightly questionable defensive qualities, the-then 23-year old delivered in Europe as well as in the SPL, and he was sold to Tottenham for £9M.

Just over 10 years later, we have another right back, this time our captain, with an absolutely astonishing assists and goals record – and taking into account the ludicrous state of inflation that sees Scott McKenna worth nearly £10M, and Moussa Dembele double that… and according to some types in our support, Tavernier just can’t be worth double what Hutton was 10 years ago?

Does anyone see the flaw in the argument here? That all the rules which legitimately apply to other clubs, according to some in our own fanbase don’t apply to us and Tavernier is only worth about £6M at tops?

That other clubs can make fortunes from their assets but many fans in our support diss our prized players and suggest it’s cuckoo land to get any more than a modest fee?

If club asset RB Alan Hutton could fetch us around £10M in 2008, why can club asset RB and captain Tavernier not fetch double that in these crazy transfer times today?

Answer us that.

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