Why “£30M” man may have given Steven Gerrard a big ‘problem’….


Jordan Jones shone, Steven Davis glittered, Borna Barisic stood out, and now we turn our attention to Finland’s Glen Kamara who had yet another glorious display for his country in the Euros against Bosnia on Saturday.

We’ve had a few reactions over the stories linking him to Brighton, and ‘reactions’ to the ‘reactions’, per se, suggesting that £30M is beyond absurd.

We’d theoretically agree that Kamara being valued in that region when a site like Transfermarkt only has him at barely half a million is probably pie in the sky, but then, is it?

Kamara shone like a beacon again on Saturday, not only producing another exemplary display, but an assist too, and this 23-year old’s stock is becoming mammoth.

He has absolutely shone at Ibrox, having been given one of the biggest stages in British football to showcase himself, and despite some occasional lapses of concentration (which hopefully he’ll iron out of his game) he has mostly excelled for Steven Gerrard and his performance against Celtic was just marvellous.

Some say ‘you can’t be worth that much in Scotland’ but then if Moussa Dembele could, why can’t Kamara be at around the same age?

We’ve had some criticisms of the ex-Dundee man – he’s not the biggest, he’s not the most physical, and as we’ve alluded to before, his concentration does lapse and he has been guilty of a few bad ball losses which cost goals and even points, but under half a season with Gerrard and he’s bloomed into a top-class international player.

So, £30M? It may sound crazy in theory, and even crazier in practise, but the reality is a player is worth what someone will pay for him. And a player like Kamara who’s doing it for his country and his club at only 23?

Maybe it’s not so crazy after all.


  1. Do you actually watch games at Ibrox?
    Kamara has had a few alright games and made some shocking mistakes.
    He's been average at best hence the reason he is a sub.
    £30 million for a sub. Either your off your head or Stevie G doesn't know a CM when he sees one.
    I think I will side with Steve G

    • Kamara missed the first 3 games of his rangers career probably because he was bedding into the team. He has since played 10 games at 90 minutes, and 15 out of 16 at 75 minutes or more. Involved in every game. £30mil is over the top, but at least know your facts…. I have a feeling BigBaws is thinking of Coulibaly 😂😂

  2. lol … Well it sure sounds like someone has been smoking something … bb I posted a similar opinion last week and was accused of being of the unwashed persuasion by a few on here. I would also take umbrage with the description of Steven Davis performance at the weekend … imo his passing was way below the standard we will require this coming season.

    • BB was clearly mistaking him for Coulibaly. That you agree with him really does reinforce the doubts we’re starting to have about you Neil.

  3. Think because we got him from Dundee for next to nothing, some people will never be able to see his quality. If we had brought him straight from Arsenal's youth tem then they would be singing his praises. He is a top top player, and if people don't recognise it then I wouldn't trust their opinion.

  4. Glen Kamaras ball control, vision and positioning/change of direction is what makes him stand out, his mistakes that ive seen have been lapses in concentration, square passes at Kilmarnock on a midden of a pitch etc. which are things that happen and you learn from it and mature. We cant play robots so humans will need to do for now. The guys got everything you look for in a player in that position and scouts will know that. However u need to prove your worth in more than 10 games. Hes not worth more than a prospective couple million atm imo.

  5. He`s made two mistakes which have cost us goals , against the sheep at Ibrox in the cup when he overhit a pass to Tav and getting caught on the ball against Killie in the last game of the season , hardly a sign that he lacks concentration .He has been a revelation since he signed and we need him and the others who have been linked with moves, if we expect to win the league next season.

  6. Fantastic player and money in the bank when he moves no any difference between him and m ginn stay for a couple of year then go and dazzle down south

  7. Kamara has turned out to be an Absolute belter of a Signing but he isn't worth £30million … Not Yet

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