What now for Rangers’ forgotten man?


When Jon Flanagan took back the left back berth from Andy Halliday (with some distinction we’d have to say) it wasn’t exactly ‘haud the press’ news but was certainly disappointing for the utility man.

But Flanagan’s form justified the decision and Halliday became a third wheel. And now with summer business underway and Rangers linked to a few left backs, we do now wonder what ‘one of our own’s role will be at Ibrox.

He’s versatile, he’s flexible, but we never believed at Ibrox Noise that he was good enough, all things being equal, to hold down a first team place.

His doing so last season was down to Barisic’s incompetence and injuries, Flanagan’s erratic form and Wallace’s exile. That he played rather well was neither here nor there, and while regular readers will know we’re big admirers of the former Bradford man regardless, we wouldn’t have him in our first team if it’s to be a Rangers that makes a serious fist of the title.

So where does he go? Does he remain at the club? Does he simply fit as squad depth?

In fairness to him, he gives off the impression of a player just happy to wear the shirt when given the privilege, and one who will give everything he has. The type who will support the club no matter if he is playing or not, so maybe it is a bit of a non-issue.

But if Rangers are to grow as a club, players like he, while not good enough to start most matches, are vital for the experience and understanding of what it takes as a Ranger.

So while Halliday might find his minutes reduced next season, especially if Steven Gerrard should secure a quality solution at LB whatever it is, he will still remain as vigilant and devoted to the club as he always was.

And he will always have his titanic performance against Celtic last December.

One to tell the grandkids.


  1. He`ll do us a turn short term both in midfield and left back but the bottom line is he is not good enough so its really up to him .If he is happy to stick around and play in an emergency then fair enough but if he wants to play regularly he needs to leave.

  2. Not good enough for a first choice jersey anywhere in the team. But blue to the core and SG values his presence in the dressing room and on the training pitch. Expect him to stay.

  3. Aw there you go I.N banging on about your beloved Halliday. If you don't follow these articles up with ones about Candieas and Docherty I'll eat my hat! – I jest off course ;-). For me he's not a quality stand in and we need quality on the bench aswell as on the park. However he's a boy I think would be a loss around the club as he really does know what it means to be a Ger and his never say die attitude shows it. Always gives 100% but just not quite the quality we need on or off the bench..

  4. The boy deserves to be somewhere he can add value, to a team. Maybe not at Rangers, as SWH says, but he could still be an asset, so good luck to him.

  5. If we are looking to win the league, we need to bring the required quality in. Therefore Halliday must go to make room.

  6. I Love Halliday as a Player
    If it was me I'd like to see him stay just as a squad Player

    But another part of me would like to see Halliday do well and get a FT role elsewhere

    …maybe a lesser team in England or even a lesser team in Scotland such as Hamilton/Ross County

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