What is James Tavernier really worth?


While Rangers have been linked with a tonne of SPL and League One/Championship players (not to mention the occasional EPL one too), it’s the speculation over prized assets that is the most prominent this summer.

Steven Gerrard confirmed that he didn’t intend to have an overhaul this window, by only bringing a few in, but that was weeks ago before an entire exodus out the way appeared possible and as both Lee Wallace and Lee Hodson, to name only two, put the finishing touches on their switches to new clubs, it is apparent that more coming in than ‘just a few’ may be needed.

However, the enduring one right now does seem to be the tussle for captain James Tavernier.

We know Aston Villa and Brighton are interested, and West Brom might be as well given their £3.5M bid some months ago, but the fact is Rangers’ right back is a player in demand, and a bidding war looks extremely likely.

Tavernier signed a new deal to take him to 2022, so there is no doubt Rangers hold all the cards here. The player has confirmed he’s happy in Scotland, happy at Ibrox, and happy with the manager – but accepts he’s ‘flattered’ by the interest.

And the harsh reality is if a bid of meaningful gravity does come in, Tavernier is very vulnerable to the sale.

But what can he fetch? He’s English, which already makes him valuable, and he scores and assists for fun which is extraordinary for a right back.

His goal against Celtic probably put him in the public eye even more than normal, but fans may forget how productive he was in both the Europa League and the qualifiers, with a total of 3 goals and assists in both combined. For a RB, that’s pretty superb.

So what’s he worth? The above attributes give this guy a price tag of well over £10M. In truth, Rangers should be looking for at least £15M to persuade us to part with his services.

And with a bidding war between at least two clubs incoming, you can bet on numbers in this region.

Game on.


  1. i would love to have some of what you lot are smoking it must be good gear, do you really think we are looking at 15 million lol cmon now put the hubbly bubbly down and have a coffee, he is good but not that special, take away his penalties and his stats are not that brilliant i want to keep him but no way is he worth 15 million Ibrox Noise you better watch out the police don't raid yer den and find this gear your tootin on

    • Forget Tavernier. Ask yourself what an English Premiership fullback is worth? When the worst team gets £100 million for coming last, and the value of staying up on your promotion takes your total return to at least £270 million? When the teams that go down tend to because they can't score enough goals, what would they pay for the top assist player in Scotland? More than any winger, more than Tierney or any other player in the SPL.
      It's not about Tavernier. Somebody, something, anything is worth what someone else is willing to pay. Tavernier's stats beat the hell out of N'tcham and Celtic want £15 million for him. They may well get it.
      If Villa think Tavernier's goals and assists will keep them up, he would be a bargain at any price.
      That is why we may get more for him than we would pay to buy him

    • Tav is the highest ranked English born defender in the E
      Europa league last season. That some going for a player playing Scotland. He is worth what anybody is willing to pay for him. His stats mean we must expect a good return if he goes. 15 million? Why not. The money spent on absolute dross in the EPL makes that figure look sensible.

  2. Always have been a fan of the superb james tavernier.Like most very good modern day full backs, he's so much geared and better in the attacking sense,to the defensive side of his game, although he's improved there recently.Take his goals, penalties or not and his assists away from our team and we'd be nowhere near as potent.Tav contributed alone,to around almost 40 of our goals.
    Incredible for a full back.If a club wants to buy our captain,for me we should be looking for no less than £10-£12million,not that I'm wanting him sold.

  3. Actually mate, his stats are fantastic. Fed up of the "he hits set pieces carry on."

    20 assists
    4 of them free kicks
    16 from open play. OPEN PLAY. 9 for Morelos, 3 for Defoe, 1 for Arfield, Kent, Lafferty and Murphy.

    And this does not include all the attacks he starts and pre assists setting folk up. Instrumental to everything that is Rangers attack.

    Would not want anything less than 10.

  4. Never £3.5m, he's worth more to us than that. Im critical of him at times but providing he cuts out the kinda mistake he made a Celtic park hes the best wingback in Scotland. As he ages i imagine his fitness will regress a bit so need to weigh up a good offer carefully. Id say £6-8m upwards tbh.

  5. Sorry unknown, I don't smoke, don't take drugs and I am a fairly good assesor of a footballers ability and what he brings to a team. James Tavenier is a top top player and in todays silly market he is easily worth 15 million and up. John Greg and Sandy Jardine were Rangers top full back scorers for over thirty years, Tavenier has surpassed them twice with goals and assists.

  6. 12 mill easy down with the ig boys there bench warmers are 15 mill so tav will be a knockout down the road ,r,t,i,d

  7. Sick of so called Rangers ''supporters'' playing down the worth of our best players. I'm desperate for him to stay,but I totally agree…if he does go we shouldn't even entertain a bid any less than double figure millions for him. If the bheasts reckon that Nctcham or whatever his name is worth £15m then absolutely yes we should be looking for at the very least what they get for him.

    • Are you the same unknown as the first comment? You ahve the same name, that why we prefer people to identify themselves:-)

  8. Happy to keep him another season. Happy, to let him go at the right price. Whatever is best for our club, is fine by me.

  9. Tav and Morelos will not be going anywhere. They will be playing for Rangers next season, why? because no club will ever pay the 15/20 million for them. Simple as that. You would be lucky to get 6/7 million each for them!

  10. lmfao ok you so called experts wait and see if he goes and what he brings, i bet ya it won't be 15m lol damn there's a lot of the smoking strange stuff going on, you forget yes we are a big club in a small pond but compared to down south we are feeder clubs and nothing more, occasionally players do get sold for mega millions but no way will captain bubble gum chewer fetch 15m maybe 5m tops, lmfao el bufalo won't even get sold for that much and he is 5 times the player Tav is, i still would keep him but ffs guys 15m lol get a grip

    • So why don't you register a name and then come and laugh at all of us smoking the strange stuff. Even call yourself LMFAO, as I think that may be what we are doing to you.
      He will be going nowhere for £5m, if that is all he is worth, then Premiership teams don't need him. Morelos won't be going anywhere at that kind of money either, same reason.
      Identify yourself, or away back to Kerrydale St.

  11. 15 Mill is fantasy football figures. We need to keep our best players but if a bid of 7/8 mill came in & the player wants to go then that seems a fair price. I hope he stays as in my opinion he's in the top 4/5 attacking fullbacks in the uk

    • The top 4/5 attacking fullbacks in the UK are worth £50M+. This is Scotland, so we are not getting that kind of money. But why do you think the top 4/5 attacking fullbacks in the UK are only worth £15-20 M in England and so £7-8M in Scotland?

    • Rob F you say he is in the top 5 attacking full backs in the UK but think he is only worth £7-8m. Let's look at the best full backs. Kyle Walker went for £50m from Spurs to Man City. Trent Alexander Arnold would probably go for more. Andy Robertson would be around the same figure and Kieran Tripper is valued around £35m. I'm not saying I agree that he is top 4 or 5 but if you think he is then surely you must think he is worth more than the £7-8m you suggested.

  12. LMFAO OMG So many Tav fanboys here, another thing WTF is all this assist bollocks? crikey years ago we called it setup by so n so and that was it now players get assists lol yep good to see the American influence coming over here and players getting assists to make them look better. ask yourselves when we were doing the 9 in a row did Coisty get golden boots for scoring goals or for assists? were assists even mentioned ? no and you wanna know why its cos its all bull shit. yes Tav is an ok defender and he is getting better but his job is a defender is it not? so for me i look at what he is and that is a good defender not a great one. yes he flies up the wing and does some decent crosses but while he does that he never tracks back in time to do his main job which is defending now take Wes F he is a decent keeper nothin special but he is decent, so your saying if he was taking all the pens and scores a few he would automatically be worth millions more? nope he would still be a decent keeper and nothing more. you all need to take off the rose tinted glasses and see our league for what it is, 2 big teams in a tin pot league nothing more, do we do ok against the english prem ? well yes we have and so have septic but that still means feck all to those down there, to them we are and always will be feeder clubs. sorry guys but they know up here we will accept pitiful bids for our best players would i like 15m for Tav? yes i would,will we get 15m ? not a chance in hell. i don't want to register a name but my name is Kyle for those of you getting bent out of shape for me not having a name

    • Sorry Kent Kerrydale, but there is more than one Unknown poster which is why it is better if you are identified. Why not just register as Kevin? Incidentally I am not Mr Hae, my middle name is not Wha and my first name is not Scots.
      Not sure why you are so angry at players being judged on metrics other than goals scored. These days it is KM run, tackles made goals scored and assisted.
      Many if not most teams these days ask FBs to attack, overlap wingers and add to the offensive play of the team. Tavernier is very good at it. McCoist played in a different century, sorry if the rest of the world has annoyed you by moving on, but afraid it happens. As you note, the Old Firm are now feeder clubs, not major British players 🙁

    • lol names Kyle not Kent if you read it at all.i don't know why you think i am from that mob but must be because i don't share same opinion as you eh? i never said Tav was no good i said he was decent but nothing special if you take away his pens ffs Mr Hae have yourself a splendid Sunday sir i am just gonna agree to disagree end of,i reckon i shall now go assist my wife with dinner and watch her explode when i get credit for assisting, now sir i am away so lets hope we can go one better next year and get back to where we should be eh?

  13. If Tav was playing in England,
    He would be £25m easy

    But Realistically we won't get more than £12million
    In Selling Tav it will be £7-10million

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