Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Surprise twist in Rangers summer transfer 'saga'....

If one thing stood out over the past 18 months or circa three or four transfer windows, it’s been the circus of speculation over Alfredo Morelos.

Every new window another 500 clubs were linked with the Colombian striker, with speculated fees varying from £5M to £20M.

Either way, as the latest window approached, the ‘certainty’ was that Morelos would leave for big bucks.

Since he’s arrived, Morelos has been linked with big money moves to Renhe, Newcastle, Borussia, Eintracht, Leipzig, Marseille, Nice, Fenerbahce and about a dozen other clubs. Pedro Caixinha’s Azul Cruz are the latest.

But the fact that a nothing outfit in the Americas managed by a Rangers failure is the only name now being linked does point at a big gravity shift over the former Helsinki man.

The stories around Morelos have dried up dramatically the past month – for better or worse, the news has been on Kamara, Arfield, Tavernier, McCrorie and a host of others – but conspicuous by its absence has been the regular and latest links over Alf.

It boils, for us, down to two things – that absolutely horrific disciplinary record which broke all sorts of unwanted records for the 22-year old, and his axing from Carlos Queiroz’ Colombia squad for the Copa America.

Is it a good thing? Well it’s a question of whether Rangers fans still want the player in their team. The Morelos-less split Rangers was by a distance the best the team delivered the whole season – in terms of consistency and results, those five matches, Killie aside with weaker XI, were truly excellent and a good sign of things to come.

But the Morelos question is a big one – he could fetch us a few quid, but the quiet surrounding him these days is noticeable and there is just a slight nagging feeling his stock has gone down and other clubs have lost interest.

We couldn’t tell you if that’s a good thing, or if it’s a good thing that Azul Cruz are now being mentioned.

It’s really down to you, the reader.

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