“Shocked” – £1.5M Rangers man can’t complain over developments


A number of outlets have been running with the story of Graham Dorrans’ apparent ‘shock’ at being left out of the trip to Portugal.

Did the alarm bells not start ringing for the attacking midfielder when circa £7M man Joe Aribo appeared on the horizon?

Dorrans time at Ibrox has been, put simply, nothing short of a disaster.

Whatever we think of his ability, and we do rate him highly as a player here at Ibrox Noise, Dorrans’ fitness has been completely diabolical – signed in the summer of 2017, Dorrans has made a total of 23 appearances, which for £1.5M really isn’t value for money.

Every single time the man gets fit, he breaks down. And it’s destroyed his Rangers career, and maybe his career, period.

Far from us saying he has no one to blame but himself, we’d put it more like this; he’s not been able to give a thing back from the investment made in him, and literally hasn’t been fit for purpose.

Steven Gerrard has to be ruthless – no passengers, even if they’re one of us and are doing everything they can not to be – if you can’t deliver on the pitch, sadly you’re no use to us.

And Dorrans, brutally speaking, has zero case to be shocked at being left at home.

Behind closed doors he may have been made promises, and even Gerrard did hint some weeks/months ago that Dorrans may still have a future at Ibrox – but the reality is Rangers have Joe Aribo, Greg Stewart and Greg Docherty now to name just three in Dorrans’ position, and sadly for the ex-Norwich man his ‘services’ (depressingly loose use of that word) are no longer needed.

Because that’s the issue isn’t it – he is unable to render any services, and hasn’t been for two years, and is at an age where recovery is not on his side.

So, being brutal, this decision is understandable. Sad, of course, but he’s a wage that can be better used elsewhere.


  1. It's a pity but I have to agree with SG decision here. Poor return for what we all thought would be a good move . I feel for him with the injury scenario and all that but it's over . We have to make these kind of decisions not just for him either .

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