Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Shock twist in signing saga - reports

In a heck of a shock twist, Rangers’ new signing Jake Hastie may be going the same path as potentially outgoing Glenn Middleton in being loaned out before he even sets foot in Ibrox.

The 21-year old winger has been reported as being immediately loaned out despite signing a four-year deal to switch to Rangers from Motherwell, and we do wonder what the motivation behind both the signing and this loan out are.

It’s an odd one – Hastie’s stats since arriving in Motherwell in January are good, no denying it. In 13 pre-split appearances he managed 7 goals and one assist – already matching or exceeding Ryan Kent on the goals tally, depending on your view.

But when we watched him against Rangers, he appeared awkward – not a smooth pacy gliding winger but a bambi on ice. It wasn’t impressive and Motherwell’s David Turnbull (himself subject to hot transfer speculation right now) stood out far more.

But Hastie still joined, and at 21 it looked like a safe bet given it was a free.

But now that he’s just going to be loaned back out, we do rather wonder why we brought him in at all?

Sure, we have a tonne of wingers, and a lot of uncertainty over a number of them, but bringing in another and loaning him out while loaning out another who is regarded as green is a strategy we less criticise more don’t understand.

We’re not Steven Gerrard and we don’t make the decisions, but we do find it an odd one – but then Celtic did similar with St Mirren’s Lewis Morgan. Loaned him straight back out to Paisley then put him in Sunderland for six months.

But then, we’re not Celtic nor do we wish to be. And while we do have an eye on the future, and we now know Hastie is ours for good, we’re less sure if this is a good or bad thing overall.

Maybe you guys and gals can tell us better?

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