Ryan Kent may not matter; stunning international stats revealed


While we all wait with baited breath over the outcome of the Ryan Kent saga, there can be little doubt that successful retention of the winger becomes less and less crucial given the growth of Rangers’ new signing, Jordan Jones.

The NI winger added another assist and stunning performance last night to compound his assist and stunning cameo against Estonia and it’s safe to say Rangers have clinched him at just the right time.

This is a 24-year old winger with excellent stats in a claustrophobically defensive Kilmarnock team and who delivers just as well on the international stage as he does on the domestic one. Maybe more so.

And Rangers have brought him in just as his form hits something akin to a zenith and Ibrox will benefit from the best purple period of his life – we really do have to applaud Steven Gerrard and the management team for securing this pre-contract.

At 24 no development fee is needed and it means we get one of the hottest properties in Scottish football for nowt – and given what he appears to be capable of delivering in modest teams like NI and Killie, we can only salivate over what he could offer in a team like Rangers.

Sure, he’s not perfect, and we’re quite certain he’s going to frustrate us as well as delighting us – just like most players do.

But to provide the winning assist two matches in a row on a stage as significant as European qualifiers is a sign of the real deal – a player who really is what we hope he will be.

Quite a sight seeing our lad effectively winning two matches in a row for his country.

Can’t wait to see him do it in our shirt.


  1. I still have doubts on how effective he'll be for us domestically..his pace won't count for much against teams that sit in and defend

  2. Agree with Gav, but we'll see. I just don't want another Lafferty scenario. If he keeps fit, all good. This is a no-nonsense season coming up and we can't carry a single player.

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