Revealed – the holdup over massive Rangers summer deal…


On top of our earlier piece discussing the reality of loan contract clauses, the continuation of Ryan Kent’s stay at Ibrox has become a murky and dingy tale, with a lot more than the player’s will as a factor.

, many fans may be unaware of this but the recent culture of loan deals actually costing a ‘transfer’ fee for the receiving club affected this deal too, and Kent’s reported fee was a very ample £1M. So, like paying a club for a player, but having to give him back at the end anyway. It’s become common practice to see surprisingly large fees paid to clubs for players even on loan basis, and that particular structure was in play here. It has been widely reported that Rangers will have to pay Liverpool considerably more to get him back on loan again – without having explicit access to the figures, Rangers may have to pay beyond £2M to simply loan Kent back to Ibrox.

Secondly, Aston Villa have by all accounts dropped out of the running – they simply aren’t interested in him any more. Kent’s fee was alleged to be £12M but Villa said no thanks and moved on to other targets.

Thirdly, Championship giants Leeds are said to be Rangers’ main rival now for Kent’s signature. The Elland Road side are still vying to return to England’s top flight for the first time in the best part of two decades, and a talent like Kent could help. But we’re unaware if they want him as a loan or a permanent.

Fourthly is the ‘waiting game’ that Liverpool are playing – they have two options – loan him out and increase his value, hopefully, or sell him now – but then if only Leeds and Rangers are in for him, and both only want to loan, then that creates a bit of an issue for Jurgen Klopp.

Fifth is the waiting game Kent himself is playing – if he exclusively wanted to join Rangers again, the deal would have likely gone through already Ojo style. We don’t strictly blame him for keeping his options open, but that is what he appears to be doing. Kent is evidently waiting for a shinier offer from a PL side, before committing himself to either Rangers or indeed Leeds.

Information had been Kent’s imminent arrival earlier this week, but that turned out not to be the case, as many things won’t and will this transfer window.

We’ll try to keep you up to speed with as much of it as we can.


  1. it's a win-win situation for them, but not for us. If we have to pay 2m for the year, I say, do it. I think there's far too much blowing sunshine up arses young players, after just one season, as well. Then inevitably, the price skyrockets. Blame is on the media's shoulders there. And agents, trying to get more cash. He's definitely one to watch, for the future. Besides, i'm starting to wonder when King & co, are going to start, spending big. The whole loan player thing, Is a thing we will just have to suffer, for now at least. To get where we need to be. I don't blame Liverpool FC, tbh. They're not a charity. They're doing exactly what we'd be doing, if we were back at the top of our game, where we belong.

    • 2 million for a loanee that would probably have gaurenteed game time clause? 3 million over 2 seasons with nothing to show for it. No thanks, I don't think he will be missed. As for king & Co not spending big I've been wondering about that aswell. Could it be that they are holding money back for stadium expansion? Probably not but it was just a thought of mine. The season ticket money was promised and Stevie G has barely put a dent in it.

  2. No problem with Liverpool doing what is best for them, as we would. Pay for loans? We should be doing the same for a number of our players.
    Cost v Value? I don't see Kent in the Premiership in the near future. The SPL IS easier, its a fact. So he could have a great career with us, or be a benchwarmer elsewhere. His call. If Kent wants to come to us, and I suspect he does, we have to negotiate a price we can afford. Somehow. Or give up. To be honest with Murphy, Middleton and Jones fighting for one jersey we don't have £2 million to waste on someone trying to keep all of them out of the team.
    Then there is Grezda(sell), Candeias, Hastie, Ojo, Atakayi and Mepude fighting for the RW slot. Josh McPake may be looking for an idea of when and if he will play before signing a new contract, which we need him to do either as a player or to retain sell on value. That's what Liverpool have done with Ojo who will not end up in their team.
    I would love us to buy Kent. I would love us to even borrow Kent. But at £2 million which could be spent elsewhere when we have at least 3 alternatives? Reluctantly, no

  3. So, let me get this straight. I gotta pay you 2M, for a player who scored 6 goals and had nine assists, and you, get him back after the season? Plus, I have to play him a certain number of times of your choosing?


    Yeah…great deal!

    Think about this…put any other variables into this equation in any other business model and you would tell Liverpool to get F*****.

    This is a sucker deal. Sorry. I know everybody is all over Kent's plums but…man…lol!

  4. I would just make the decision for him and tell him he has two days to sign or we are no longer interested! Then he has one option and that is Leeds!

  5. No1 I'd no grump over £2m to stop tims

    2. Very grudging neglected Middleton and losing best youth for nout

    3. Get Docherty in before Rossitter surely??

  6. We may not like the rules of the game, but if paying for players who come on loan is now the norm, then we have to play by the rules if we want to get decent players on loan.

    For me, I say that if we have ambitions to win the league then we should do the deal. Kent offers something none of our other players offer, although of course we do have some other wide players have come in who might make me eat my words. But Kent has caused other teams, including Celtic, problems and we need that for the season ahead.

    Of course, if we win the league it will have been money well spent. If we don't win the league, then he won't have been worth the money.

  7. Our business model includes signing loan players because we don't have the money to buy them outright. However when that starts to cost you £2m a year for one player then that changes everything. Are we saying that our scouting department can't find a decent winger of £2m who would be our player for 3 or 4 years with a potential sell on value.

    • Have to agree. Love Kent, but our future is in growing our own Kent's and selling them. Or bringing them in, improving them and selling them on. Players like Middleton, Hastie, Jones, Kamara, Barisic(full Croatian international remember). These guys need to play.
      Then we have Atakayi, Mepude, McPake, Young-Coombes. These guys must have a path to the first team, to develop.
      £2 million is too much when you think he will stop Middleton, Jones and Murphy playing. There's a lot more money sitting on the sidelines

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