Rangers’ possible new XI: dramatic overhaul – nine ‘new’ faces…


After upsetting a few sensitive souls (who possibly can’t read) by proposing a possible new XI (which theoretically excluded James Tavernier and Connor Goldson on rotational purposes), we thought we’d wind them up even more by proposing another, only one which this time includes all possible new signings brought in by Steven Gerrard.

After all, that’s six (seven if you include Steven Davis) new signings, and a lot of these guys will expect to play. Plus there are returning fringe players to take into consideration, players whose use will make Rangers feel rather like a completely new XI.

So let Ibrox Noise annoy the illiterate ones again by proposing our latest XI based purely on change:


Ok, we can’t change anything here. McGregor.


Polster, Edmundson, Katic, Barisic.

Polster may well get game time this season, Edmundson will surely expect a few appearances, and is this the season Barisic gets his act together like an effective new signing? Katic or Goldson – but Katic is far more physical and better at brute force defending than Goldson. We expect another body brought in here though.


Davis, Docherty, Aribo.

Davis was stunning over the split (and is ‘technically’ a new signing), Docherty is effectively a brand new player too, and Aribo, well, clearly the lad is going to play.


Jones, Stewart, Ojo

Jones will be chomping at the bit, and looks like he’ll be first choice anyway with massive doubts now over Ryan Kent’s return, Stewart has been brought in as a Lafferty ‘style’ player but hopefully a more professional one, while Ojo’s prospects look excellent theoretically.


Alnwick, Tavernier, Goldson, Hastie (the only new signing we couldn’t fit in), Jack, Kamara, Morelos, Defoe

No matter what way you turn, this Rangers squad has a tonne of depth.

And just for those easily offended, the above XI isn’t our final choice, neither was the previous one – they’re simply what’s possible with such an extensive level of depth.

But we’re sure certain types will froth at the mouth that we didn’t start Kamara, or that Morelos is on the bench, or that only someone who has no clue about football would select Docherty.

Only someone who has no clue about football would think either of these selections are our final choice!


  1. Obviously things will change depending on what's needed for certain games or injuries, but you highlight very well the options and depth Rangers are starting to create in the squad.

  2. Obviously things will change depending on what's needed for certain games or injuries, but you highlight very well the options and depth Rangers are starting to create in the squad.

  3. Yup,, no matter how you mix the team up, we will still be fighting for second due to lack of quality!

    • Yes you have hit the Nail on the head Jimbo. Plenty players, all of similar standard. Problem is Rangers first choice starting 11 could play against our 2nd choice starting 11 and match potentially end in a draw? Not exactly a Van Bronkhurst – Numan – Laudraup – Dr Boer – Albertz amongst them to install that fear factor amongst opposition. You have to have a leader on the park – we go back a long way to find one.

    • Games v celtic at ibrox.every 1 of them a leader.out played there multi million pound team with ease.ps IN murphy will b first pick.he was ahead of kent before injury

    • Okay having 11 leaders at home to Celtic when the adrenaline is flowing – we require this every week + Gerrad has more than hinted at this issue.

  4. What drugs you on?
    Most new players will be bedded in slowly, we cannot afford drastic change at start of season, the majority of last season's end will start, we cannot afford any fork ups from start of season to stop them soap dodging pigs

  5. Don't rate Stewart. Couldn't get a game for Birmingham, was good for Killie and terrible for Aberdeen. No way will he get a game before Defoe or Morelos.
    I know everyone says give players a chance but if you can't get a game for Birmingham what are we doing signing him

  6. I still think (or is it hope) we will sign somone who will walk into the first team. Maybe 2. Still need a centre back and striker.

  7. Could not agree with you more Robrob + a real quality signing for midfield to give the supporters what they deserve. Come on Mr King you know it makes sense.

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