Rangers man praises fans but takes big dig at nation


Glen Kamara has praised Rangers fans while taking a clear swipe at Finland’s counterparts after complaining his country’s supporters are too sedate and they should take a leap out of the Ibrox faithfuls’ books.

The midfielder, having his usual storming time for his country on international duty, was gushing over the reaction at Ibrox during the Old Firm win, and admitting he wishes his nation’s fans were even half as vocal.

He said:

“It (Old Firm) was absolutely crazy. The supporters were so loud. I have never experienced anything like that. I would love to see the Finland fans be as vocal as that!”

Rather than suggesting he would love to give Finnish fans something to scream about like this, he’s clearly suggesting the Scandinavian punters just don’t have the same passion for the game that Rangers fans do.

And he’d be right. Sure, Iceland fans were legendary during the 2016 Euros for their ‘Thunderclap’ but a major championship is a special occasion, and generally Scandinavians are a pretty laid back bunch.

After all, look at Kamara himself! If he was any further laid back he’d be upside down.

Quite a different ball game going from Ibrox to International.


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