Rangers given daunting challenge…


Last season’s run to the Europa League group stage was an astonishing haul of results. Few goals conceded, and an insane progression through four rounds to do something rather unprecedented, and make it all the way through 8×90 minutes before reaching the significant riches of the group stage.

The problem is, while Rangers’ co-efficient has risen this season, to get to the group stage again will require exactly the same run.

Once again, Steven Gerrard will require his men to navigate four perilous rounds of qualifying, each of two legs, where the group stage will await with automatic qualifiers like Sevilla, Arsenal, Man Utd and AC Milan.

The UEL was a strong competition last season – Rangers had some major competition to get to the group stage, and then three tough as boots teams to bypass to get through to the KO stage.

We nearly did it, and did the club and our fans proud as we just lost out on progression – but it will have to be same all over again if Rangers are to get the circa 4M Euros base income for making the group, with the many more hundreds of thousands for further success.

Rangers clinched around £5M last season. UEL means quite a lot for the coffers.

But it’s going to be another long journey to get there.

Hang onto your hats.


  1. We set a really high standard last season that we can't possibly expect to replicate every year. 2 or 3 rounds might be the norm.

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