“Not good enough” – Rangers fans aren’t happy with summer business…


With the confirmation of Greg Stewart, some real head scratching is going on underway with some of the support.

And, despite our rating Stewart higher than many, and having optimism over Jordan Jones in particular, we must admit little of our summer business will be giving Celtic ‘the fear’ and we do wonder when the ‘serious’ signings will show up.

This is not to diss the players we got – they’re honest professionals and they’ll do their best – but for the ‘quality’ enhancements Steven Gerrard threatened some weeks ago, we’re a little concerned the calibre of players so far doesn’t exactly live up to that.

Three players, three effective free signings – now, this is no smear on the price – Scott Arfield and Allan McGregor were amazing free signings so price does not guarantee performance.

But the budget appears, currently, to be close to zero given we’re haggling with Oldham over the matter of a few thousand for George Edmundson and we’re reportedly bartering likewise with Motherwell over the development fee we’re willing to give for Jake Hastie.

It all adds up to a level of incoming we’re unsure will be enough to take Rangers from second into a serious fight for first.

There is of course that crucial question of budget – we simply don’t seem to have the money to attract the heavyweight players we probably want. And yet, last January we signed Jermain Defoe? Go figure.

Usually our summer budget is circa £10M regardless of player sales, but right now the spending sits at zero, with four free signings in the past two months (if we do include Steven Davis).

And the ones we’ve brought in so far aren’t really getting supporters excited for the majority, truth be told. It’s not a level of player the lion share of fans feel will bring home 55 or majorly threaten for it.

This is not to say we won’t back them – we will, all the way. And maybe just maybe a UCL winner and England and EPL legend like Steven Gerrard knows more about football than us punters do.

But we still have our opinions and reservations and the right to both, and just as things stand, we’re just not sure we have a squad ready to launch a serious assault on the title.

Hopefully Gerrard proves us all to be very silly indeed for worrying.

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  1. The transfer window, that lasts for 12 weeks, opened 3 days ago and already you are having a sly dig at the board and the manager. I enjoy reading IN and appreciate your belief that your comments are constructive criticism, but too often they're just not.

    If you believe that our business is completed for this window then your article would be justified but we all know that that's not the case. In 10 weeks time if things haven't changed then write this article, not now. As a fan I have faith in the board, Mark Allen and the manager to bring in the quality of players we need to achieve 55 next season, and rather than being worried I feel exited about who's going to be signed.

    • So who's right – us, Jimbo, and the majority of replies in the poll, or you and your accusations Donald? We're calling it as it looks and how it is, if you want to have blind faith we respect that, but don't expect us to share in pure hope rather than tangible results.

    • Your own poll shows that 57% thought the players already signed were good enough, or trusted Gerrard to make the right decisions, so I don't think the majority shared your worries.
      We are now 4 days into an 84 day transfer window and you're already condemning our transfer policy. That's ridiculous. It's not blind faith to believe that we are going to sign more players or that there will be signings that are of a much higher quality and that will be signed to go straight into our starting 11, it's a rational assumption and a far more likely scenario than the one that's worrying you so much.
      I understand that there's not much to post about at this time of the year but it's just foolish to judge something that's only less than 5% complete. We're all Rangers fans here so we should just agree to disagree and see who's right at the end of the window.

    • Really? Our own poll reports 86% of all replies either don’t like these players or trust Stevie despite their dislike of his signings. You can spin whatever you like Donald, the numbers don’t lie!

    • 43% are cautiously happy to trust Gerrard and 14% think they are good enough players. That's 57% who are not worried. Only 43% agreed with you and are worried about a totally ridiculous scenario considering we are 4 days into the 12 week transfer window.
      Like you say the numbers don't lie but unfortunately yours also don't add up.

  2. Good article IN, quite accurate. I have voted the players are simply not good enough for us to win the league. And like you, I hope and pray there is something up Gerrards and Mark Allens sleeve to bring that much needed quality into our team. We have the second biggest budget in Scotland. Since we have came into the SPFL we have struggled against teams who work with a fraction of our budget, so why is that?!! Coaching and mediocre players who don't seem to grasp what Rangers are all about!!

  3. I have a bad feeling we have lost the court case with fat man Mike Ashley, the judge has made a ruling but his not made it public, I would imagine rangers lawyers know that decision now, and with the lack of spending at ibrox I fear the worst, I hope I'm wrong.

    • We lost the court case at the end of last year. The judgement was given in court last Thursday or how much we have to pay the fat c*nt. The judge hasn't given the judgement out to the public yet but if you were in the courtroom, that was opened to the public you would of heard it. Suprised there were no journalist there.
      On the point of the player we have brought in so far Jones looks like a good player anytime I've seen him play, final ball could be better at times, but I think he will be a good signing.
      Hastie is one for the future and it sounds like he will be going out on loan.
      Fingers crossed we get some quality players who can step straight into the starting 11

  4. I think that our summer spend will depend on our income. That will depend on whether or not we make the Group stage of Europa League. Made it last year, but got lucky with the draw.
    So we may hold back until we know whether there will be Europa League money.
    Fact of life, we need money in before money out.

  5. We say that we need big signings to win the league, and a few key additions will certainly help, but if we had not been giving points away in the early part of 2019 i think we would all feel a little differently about this. There is plenty of time to go. AND if all the other sites are right, all we need to do is get Ryan Kent back and we win the league, time for some patience i think!

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