Sunday, 2 June 2019

"Not a chance" - most Rangers fans dead against possible EPL signing

Rangers’ summer business is well and truly underway, and with two captures already confirmed and more following, the incoming (and outgoing) is only going to ramp up further.

However, following his release from Aston Villa recently, former Rangers right back Alan Hutton has again appeared on the radar, and as a free agent obviously wouldn’t cost a bean.

Very much one of our own, this dyed-in-the-wool Rangers man is up at 34 years of age, and curiously while most fans are behind the signing of ex-England international Leighton Baines, himself 34, in a recent survey, only one respondent from dozens/hundreds appeared keen on bringing the ex-Spurs fullback over to Govan again.

In fact, 99% of all replies confirmed Rangers fans absolutely don’t want Hutton back at Ibrox as anything other than a fan, which certainly surprised us here given how positive most of the comments over Baines are.

Many of the reasons were ‘stop living in the past’ – our argument to that is if they’re good enough they’re both young enough and the past doesn’t matter. It’s an invalid argument – Kyle Lafferty didn’t work out because he sucked, while Steven Davis is going the other way because he’s great.

The fallacy of ‘living in the past’ is just that – an excuse to reject a player for reasons based on little more than emotion.

Does Hutton actually still have it? Well, there were certainly questions over Davis and Defoe – and both proved themselves more than useful over the final two months of the season. Hutton has been playing at a very good level for years, and while Villa considered him surplus for the new season in the Premier League, few can provide us with a convincing argument as to why Baines (and Davis and Defoe) are great signings and Hutton wouldn’t be.

For what it’s worth Hutton isn’t finished – he still has legs on him, and there is a real chance James Tavernier will be sold this summer for a big chunk of cash. Hutton’s CV remains outstanding, and to this day he never wanted to leave Rangers.

In conclusion; like with any player who may or may not join Rangers – give him and them a chance before deciding they’re a dud.

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