Media Rangers ‘whitewash’ again – when will they learn?


As we commented on, yesterday saw a borderline broadcast media blackout on the announcement of Greg Stewart, but we were especially surprised when STV elected to barely mention the signing, given the fervour with which they cover Scottish football.

Sure, it was in their ‘intro’ headline but surprisingly the segment on Stewart’s arrival was barely 10 seconds long compared with the minutes Scotland’s women got for their world cup adventure.

Now, there is a caveat – the story only formally broke one hour before STV News went on air, but even then, a few more words than a 10-second sequence might have been merited for Rangers’ third summer signing.

And while we’re at it, STV are also banging on about how this is in fact Rangers’ ‘fourth’ summer signing. Somehow, they’ve added Steven Davis to this, despite that simply being a January loan made permanent and being confirmed a month and a half ago.

We don’t usually have an issue with STV, given their football coverage generally seems relatively fair and unbiased, with indeed a favourable approach to Rangers at times.

But this for us was more than odd and not exactly in keeping with their usual higher quality standards than many of their rival broadcasters.



  1. IN, lets face it. Greg Stewart is hardly big news! I am also more interested in the women's world cup, than the mediocre players that are coming in to Ibrox!!

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