Media attacks on Stevie G over defender are unnacceptable

Media attacks on Stevie G over defender are unnacceptable

It was with interest Ibrox Noise noted the media’s recent attacks on Steven Gerrard over Fabio Cardoso, given the Portuguese’s successful return to his homeland and recent installation in the top flight’s annual ‘team of the season’ award.

The attacks suggest Gerrard made a mistake, is ruing his terrible judgement and simply doesn’t have a clue.

Now, we at the site have rarely been shy to criticise our manager when we’ve deemed it necessary, and after all a true fan doesn’t just blindly support, but also criticises where needed purely because we want something to be better.

But this idea that Gerrard made a huge mistake on Cardoso is something approaching disgusting journalism.

First off, let’s be clear – Fabio Cardoso was an unmitigated disaster in Scotland. Initially the incompetent Bruno Alves made him look almost bright, but it tailed off fast and the stopper was horrific in Scotland thereafter.

No manager on earth would have made Cardoso any better a defender in the SPL, for any team. That is fact. He just didn’t understand our league nor have the physical strength to withstand its rigours. He was also slow mentally despite being quick physically and was unable to read the flow of games.

So, let’s lay this down – Steven Gerrard did not make a mistake, it is just purely for hits and traffic that sites are making a claim that he did.

Cardoso is one we have a bit of an issue with around here in truth. Managing to get his mutual consent severance from Rangers, AND a payoff, before landing a cushy well-paid gig at Santa Clara immediately afterwards. So, Rangers could have had their money back and then some, but instead we pay him off and he then gets rewarded immediately by a move he clearly had lined up.

It stank, for us, and wasn’t very fair or gracious.

And let us be clear, Jose Mourinho himself couldn’t have converted Cardoso into a decent SPL defender – it just wasn’t happening.

Fair enough, he’s having a great time back in Portugal: “Portuguese player in playing well in own league shocker”. And he got his foot in the team of the year.

Well done Fabio, good on you, we suppose.

But don’t blame Steven Gerrard for that one, people.

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  1. If that bomb scare came back to rangers id be calling for gerrards head, the guys useless. He shows attackers inside to strike at goal and sells himself at every dummy or drop of a shoulder. Thank god hes gone!

  2. It is actually a better commentary on Scottish football that it is on Gerrards judgement that a centre half who wasn`t physical enough to cope with our league has gone elsewhere and done well.After he was assaulted and got his nose broken by that big Motherwell thug he just didn`t fancy it especially as the attack went unpunished.Guys like Alves and even Barisic who are more talented also couldn`t cope with the hammer throwing in the country . Maybe our journos should focus on that and shine a light on the real problem in Scottish football.

  3. We were well rid then and still are. It just grates that he was yet another player who we couldn't give away for nothing and in fact had to pay to leave then went on to better things.

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