Thursday, 20 June 2019

"Let's see what happens in the window" - Rangers star's exit looks near-certain...

On top of our earlier piece about exactly who Eros Grezda’s agent Ives Cakarun really is, is the fact his admission about Grezda today reveals the Albanian will be leaving in this transfer window. Assuming, that is, Rangers can find a buyer.

The winger has been a truly horrific signing at £2M, embarrassing national boss Christian Panucci and his ludicrous £20M claim (probably a major reason why he isn’t the boss any more) among other things, and Rangers are seeking to offload him ASAP.

Cakarun said as much when he admitted:

"Let's see what happens in the window but at the moment there is no news."

In short, let’s sure as hell hope someone comes in because there’s no future for my client in Govan.

Grezda is playing the waiting game along with his agent – looking for his next destination in football. Rangers clearly wasn’t something he took seriously, and his rather poor return for the outlay only had one winner – Osijek.

The sooner Rangers are free of this absolute waste of time the better.

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