“I’ve never been happier” – but Rangers star fails to brush off transfer links


Rangers star midfielder Scott Arfield has failed to rule out a move back to the English Premier League with Southampton, but equally suggested he’s happy where he is and is oblivious to any interest.

The gifted midfield workhorse, thriving in his new advanced role, was adamant that he’s never been happier in life or his career, but was unable to confirm he’s going nowhere.

He said:

“Over the past two years I’ve not played enough football. Kind of a year and a half at Burnley where I was in and out of the team. This is the happiest I’ve been in years. It’s to be at this football club, to wear this badge, to walk around here to be back in Glasgow with my family settled. I’m fully focused on doing the right things for Rangers. To win games and that’s my full focus at the minute.”

Meanwhile Steven Gerrard equally has admitted there’s a price on Arfield’s head, just like any other player, and if Southampton offer enough cash, they can have a conversation.

The reality is Rangers financially can afford to resist modest offers for players, offers which fall well below market value, and with Arfield’s stellar season raising his stock to career-high levels, he’s the kind of player Rangers wouldn’t let go for much less than £10M.

But equally he’s an integral part of Steven Gerrard’s side, and when he doesn’t play, neither does the team, and is it worth the cash to sell such a fulcrum and pivotal component of the system Gerrard has now devised?

Would Rangers not be better off for football reasons keeping Arfield, sacrificing a lot of cash for that, but managing to have a team which has a stronger chance of mounting a real challenge to Neil Lennon’s Celtic?

Arfield might not be quite ‘unsellable’ but he’s possibly the closest thing Rangers have to that.


  1. Big fan of Scotty Arfield, but think we could replace him for less than £10 M, so we win either way

  2. We all know, especially for scottish clubs, that money most definitely talks.I have said on most of these sites until i'm blue in the face,that scott arfield has been rangers BEST signing this season,bar none.The small number of games when arfield hasn't been playing for us,
    you can most definitely see the big difference and gauging with the difference he makes,when he's in our starting 11.You notice right away the level that arfield performs for rangers at.You can tell he's played at a much higher level,in both the english premier league and the english championship.It looks rather easy for him playing in the scottish premiership,if i'm being honest.If southampton,or any other club for that matter want to sign scotty arfield,then they will have to pay us big bucks to get him, irrespective if he's now 30 years old or not.Tell you what it has to be a helluva lot more, than the £3million being mooted,that southampton are willing to pay for him.The fee should be NO LESS than between £6-£8million.He would be a massive miss if he was to be sold.I hope we can keep him for the rest of his career at rangers.He's been a fantastic signing and is an all round,class midfielder.

  3. No1 is unsaleable but airfield & tav as almost in that category. Look at the number of assists alone both have provided before we even look at the goals both have scored

  4. Don’t think it will be an issue unless we are getting big money for either. The club is being run the right way now so not concerned that this will happen. On the flip side, if it does we will have the funds to buy other players.

  5. The 4 stand outs last season were Tav, Alfie, Kent and Arfield. We can't stop Kent moving on but if we lose the others, no matter how much we get for them we are surrendering the league for at least one more season. Celtic have a new manager and a squad that needs significant rebuilding. If we can keep the core of our squad and improve in a couple of areas we have a huge advantage. If we rebuild our squad for about the 5th successive season we give up that advantage.

    We have to accept that all our players have a price and that there are dozens of clubs down south who can easily afford that price but for this season we have to resist selling on our best players. We will never have another opportunity like this. We have to stop Celtic next season and we won't do it by ripping up the current squad and starting again no matter how much money we might get.

  6. There seems to be a lot of people on here suggesting that the current squad will be good enough for next season with some tinkering. Remember this is the same squad that lost at Livingston, drew against 10 man Dundee, drew at home to St Johnstone and struggled to beat Aberdeen, Kilmarnock and Hibs. We ARE getting better but we need to add 3 or 4 quality players that are first picks in our team. Hastie, Jones and Stewart are welcome additions to the squad but are unlikely to turn us into title winners.

    • Rob, that is a fair point. But against that, we beat Celtic twice and did well in Europe. That implies our weakness was consistency, not the level we peaked at.
      The answer to that is training. Yes, if we can add 3 or 4 quality additions that will be great. But that team is good enough to beat Celtic, Aberdeen, Hibs, Killie etc. They need to step up and do it. We also need to get rid of some to make space for any additions.

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