Ibrox shock – stunning development over star man


Rangers fans have been sent into meltdown following the latest astonishing developments in the Ryan Kent saga.

After it looked certain that Aston Villa (then Leeds) were front of the queue to sign the winger on a £12M deal, the last 12 hours reports have broken that Liverpool may now be willing to do their ex-player and legend a massive favour by loaning him out to Ibrox again.

It all seems a staggering turn of events given the near-certainty with which the player ‘was’ moving to the EPL to join Terry’s Villa, following the impossibility of Rangers matching the alleged £12M valuation on his head.

But now we hear Jurgen Klopp may be changing his mind and letting the lad go back to Govan for another 12-month loan.

We have our reasons to suspect why things have changed, and we’ll cover them later, but for now it may just be the previously-dead Kent deal is now back on and Rangers may still have the winger in our ranks next season.




    LETS GO💪🇬🇧

  2. Lets be realistic guys – 1 good season at Ibrox does not make him a 12 Million pound player – true value 3 to 5 Million at best + simply not premier League standard. Look at Patrick Roberts couple of season's back – where is he now? Hopefully Rangers will get him – truth is this is his level for the time being + Klopp may have accepted this.

  3. July 15th and I am sick, bored if this topic.

    Does he look a winner? Yes, sometimes. Are we desperate to get him? Not now

    Give me Middleton everytime and Jones etc etc paid for… ours

  4. The Liverpool board will let him stay as I believe they have plans to take him and Gerrard, if and when he proves himself as a manager. Stop the sceptic with the money we have will be his best start. Also how can you tell Kopp to go after the season they just had. If he takes another job & Gerrard has proved himself then they'll offer Gerrard the job and take Kent with him

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