Tuesday, 4 June 2019

How £millions 'swap' deal could save Stevie a big headache...

After Aston Villa released Alan Hutton, an Ibrox Noise survey learned Rangers fans, for the majority, do not want to see the ex-Rangers man back in our colours.

This seemed a little harsh such is his impressive CV, experience and knowledge of the club, but nevertheless the fans didn’t seem keen.

However, it is common knowledge Villa are readying a bid for James Tavernier – whether it materialises is another matter, but should it do so, and be an ‘offer we can’t refuse’, could a £10M profit, for example, on Tavernier, be an acceptable compensation along with Hutton as the replacement?

A pseudo-swap deal, per se, where Rangers sell a prized asset for a significant amount of cash, while getting a perfectly able replacement from the same club who has experience of the highest levels and could help hugely in Europe next season, for instance?

There are questions over his pace and his stamina, given those were two of his prize attributes when younger, and time is never kind to such traits in this sport, but his dribbling was also outstanding as was his skill. He also excelled in the SPL so clearly can handle our division well enough even if the older Alan Hutton may have to adapt a little as the older Steven Davis did.

Our point – James Tavernier, impressive though he overall was last season, remains a slightly divisive figure – his ability is often debated, and his captaincy frequently criticised, for right or for wrong.

Hutton is a popular figure with fans, even those who don’t want him back as a player, and if he did return in this pseudo-swap deal and proved himself on the pitch despite those reservations, his detractors would certainly cut him more slack.

But, we don’t even know if Stevie G is interested in Hutton on any level. But then we didn’t really believe we were getting Allan McGregor back either so anything is possible.

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