“He’s cursed” – what’s happened now with Jordan Rossiter?


As we discussed in the earlier entry, Rangers players were back at Auchenhowie being put through their paces, but while most of the squad that wasn’t on international duty showed up for pre-season, the absence of Jordan Rossiter stuck out like a sore thumb.

Rossiter had an excellent season down south with Bury, albeit in League Two, and we did wonder what his future now held. After all, six months of no injuries and a continued run in the first team for the first time pretty much in his whole career (he’d also been injury free for four months at Ibrox) and it looked to all intents and purposes like the former Anfield kid was finally on the right track.

And he was firmly expected for pre-season yesterday, at least by fans. Now, unless he had personal reasons/dispensation to give the return to HTC a miss, our information otherwise is he’s injured.

Which, we borderline refuse to accept.

If this is true, Jordan Rossiter went 10 months injury free, including six months of senior football at Bury, and the moment he’s supposed to come back to Glasgow for training he’s injured again?

We can’t compute this, if it’s accurate. Hopefully Stevie gave him grace for an absence for non-injury reasons but if he was indeed not involved due to another sprain, knock or whatever, then we are flabbergasted that he goes a year without injury only to get one the minute he’s our player again.

His loan at Bury obviously ended and for those who don’t know, Bury are in desperate trouble financially, facing all manner of crises despite their promotion to League One – how that and Jordan Rossiter go together is anyone’s guess, but we have no idea where he is right now. We saw the amusing claim that he’s cursed – because first he can’t stay fit at Ibrox, next his loan club hits complete disaster. Where is he?

Injured? Marbella? Ibiza? Who knows.

But we really fear for his Rangers future at this point.


  1. He goes to Bury, does the job for them, comes back to US, injured again?? No…get him away. Our patience, has well run out, on this glass-man.

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