Have Champions League developments just dramatically changed things for Rangers?


Up till effectively last night, Ryan Kent was pretty much a dead-cert to switch permanently to Aston Villa, Leeds United or anyone else who could afford the £12M for his services.

But after news broke that it turns out Liverpool may be willing to do Steven Gerrard a favour now and loan the flying winger back to Ibrox for another season, we wondered what had suddenly changed to cause such a dramatic apparent change of heart.

And then it hit us: they won the Champions League.

All bets were off – and Liverpool, for getting to and winning the final, guaranteed themselves a basic income boost of £100M, which, added on deals and sponsorship not to mention boosted TV revenue on top could equate to easily three times that.

In short, they won the Champions League, and their income and profile has just been catapulted into the stratosphere. Only Villa themselves for winning the playoff final have (probably) earned more in one match.

So not only do Liverpool have a massive income boost, but that profile one too, as well as their unfortunate second place in the EPL.

Meaning someone like Ryan Kent is probably not only expendable to them but they are far more willing to do Steven Gerrard a favour – the goodwill for everything Liverpool (and Rangers) right now is higher than it’s ever been.

Maybe it won’t happen, maybe Kent will still be sold instead to Villa. But we do have a hunch that things changed thanks to how their season ended.

And Steven Gerrard and Rangers could be big beneficiaries.


  1. I doubt Liverpool would be willing to do even their favourite son Steven Gerrard a favour that might cost them millions of pounds. That would be bad business no matter how much they might make winning the CL. That said I still think there is a slim chance of Kent returning next season.

    Liverpool have him under contract until 2022 so don't need to be in any rush to sell him. When he came to Rangers Liverpool would have been lucky to get 2 million for Kent. Now they'd be expecting 4 times that. Basically we've increased his value enormously. I'm hoping that Liverpool might think that a few more class showings against Celtic and possibly in Europe might even double their money again.

    No favours but maybe a reasonable punt for Liverpool. Either way I would love to see him at Ibrox again next season.

    • Donald you are spot on with your assessment Liverpool will not do us a favour but they will see the possibility of Kent's value rising with another season at Rangers

  2. You took your time coming with this I.N ofcourse it will benefit us i felt this after they won it,they've got the feelgood factor and this can only be good for Stevie


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