Former fan favourite at Ibrox may be in danger of being left behind


Steven Gerrard has plainly made the wings a priority position this summer. Jordan Jones and Jake Hastie are already in, Ryan Kent being gone, and Eros Grezda just failed horribly while Glenn Middleton remains a little green.

But one man who seems to fly under the radar is Daniel Candeias, and he’s a surprisingly divisive player these days.

Despite his workrate, his linkup with Tavernier, his crossing, and his assists, Candeias seems to be a player who has never quite won over the support as a whole, rarely being a true fan favourite and instead being one who many fans respected but maybe didn’t love.

And he’s one that very fans, we believe, would have as a first-team pick if all was pure and holy.

As we say, he has plenty of positive attributes, but so many supporters now accuse him of not having impact in matches, of running aimlessly and working so hard he produces very little end product.

It’s a strange one – how can a guy who never stops running contribute so little?

His crossing is certainly inconsistent, and his decision making doesn’t seem as good now as it once did – but he never stops trying and for that at least he deserves a little slack.

Is he good enough for a title-winning Rangers? Probably not, in truth – he doesn’t often beat men, as a winger, and those crosses are often not quite pinpoint, frequently being a bit lazy, in fact.

But he does give an excellent outlet with James Tavernier, and the two generally work well together to overlap and cover each other.

He’s also technically excellent – probably being the most gifted footballer at the club. His party tricks are a lot of fun and he does seem entirely at ease with the ball, controlling it with real technical panache.

But the question is, does Daniel Candeias’ contribution and positives outweigh his perceived negatives?

That’s one we’d leave to you.


  1. Danny's a great asset for the club, he should be a starter. His workraye is an example to the others in the team who don't pull their own weight.

  2. You can't help but love the wee man for his workrate but I think he was better last season. He linked up better with tav and his crossing was much better. He seems to go 4/5 games without coming close to finding a man in the box, then games where most of his balls are on a plate (killie in the cup sets up morelos hat trick). His flicks are outstanding when they come off, assist for morelos v rapid was superb, his turn and goal against spartak an absolute fluke. I think Hasties there to take his place tbh

  3. If he is not required to cover/support Tavernier and is judged purely as a winger, his stats are frankly not good enough. BUT add to support for a very attack minded FB and you have someone worthwhile. If Tav goes, he needs to offer a lot more in attack.

    Having said that, he was worth it last season, if only for the European game when he pumped the ball out of our box, chased it down, tackled the other team's man in possession then, with his back to their goal, sent Morelos away to score. Incredible effort, tenacity, awareness and teamwork, all in 10 seconds

  4. It's all about options. With Murphy now fit we have 2 different wingers for each wing. Jones and candias are players who'll play wide, Hastie and Murphy like to cut in. I think Middleton has the potential to be both types. A good option to have for changing the flow of a game without changing the formation

  5. I love Danny C he grafts and grafts I was watching one of the Uefa games the other night [think it was maribor] he lost the ball ran about 50 yards beat the lad who nicked it off him then started an attack again, I think he is a great wee guy, If Ejaria,Pena etc had 10% of his work ethic they would have done well with us

  6. He has been a great player for Rangers to have. Even when it isn't going for him, he never hides and always makes himself available. Works his socks off! A real asset!

  7. Never was or ever will be good enough for a Rangers team that wants to win the league it's time to move on from bang bloody average players wearing or jersey.

  8. Candy man for me is a player that love for sheer effort. His assists are quite high in numbers but they would be alot higher if he could find his man more regularly. I think half the time he just hits n hopes it lands on a man. Alot of the time Ive seen him I get frustrated by his final ball. It can be very eratic at times. Some simple or what look to be simple balls he seems to get horribly wrong then there is other times is final balls are absolutely different class. As I say though you can't fault his work rate and effort. Needs to chip in with more goals aswell. For work rate alone I would keep. Great squad to have if we find a good enough replacement. Could that be Hastie? I'm not so sure think the young man may be a project for the future. Time will tell.

  9. Nowhere near good enough. We need a winger to be brave and take on fullbacks and hit the byline or to cut inside and be direct,a winger who is a goal threat. DC is none of that. Having a high work rate only counts if your being effective and causing problems or winning balls or else your just a headless chicken and unfortunately Candieas does more of that than anything else! Nice guy, but simply doesn't have the tools Rangers expect from a winger and I suspect once he is replaced with someone braver and more direct we will start to realise just how ineffective he has been for us..

  10. I feel a bit sorry for Daniel. Nobody can question his effort. A lot of his failure this season has been he was getting the crosses in, but they weren't pushing up far enough in the box, to intercept. Saw that, time and time again. Good luck to him, if he goes.

  11. I'd give Danny another season. He definitely can contribute to the cause, especially in european games where he has been impressive.

  12. Yes!
    Candeias is a Good Player
    His Workrate is Phenomenal
    He can Cross, He can Beat a Man,
    He can Spray a Pass
    And he chips in with a few goals every now and then

    I'd hold onto him, cause all it takes is 1/2 injuries and he is also Versatile 👍🏻

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