Sunday, 30 June 2019

Fan fury following 'controversy' at Rangers' training camp

After a number of Rangers fans reacted with annoyance over Alfredo Morelos’ latest ‘incident’, we find ourselves ‘there’ again.

In that quandary of hoping a fresh pre-season would mature the lad and calm the temperament, before the inevitable red mist descended and ill-discipline reared its ugly head.

Sure, this was only a training ground incident, but that’s just it – since when should a striker be leaving a foot in late on a team mate.

Supporters who saw this were not happy at best, and while the proof in the pudding is what he produces in matches, Alfie hardly got his 19/20 off to the best start by seemingly getting stuck in on a team mate in the relative tranquillity of training.

It looks to all intents and purposes the 23-year old still hasn’t in any way grown up or curbed his temper, and his frustration at being done by Glen Kamara boiled over and he mildly ‘kicked out’ at the Fin international.

If it’s anything to go by, Morelos will continue to have awful discipline this season and we can’t say we’ve not been warned.

To his credit, Kamara made no issue of it and greeted Morelos immediately, but anyone hoping for a calmer, more stable Morelos following the chaos of last season may sadly have to reassess their hopes.

We wonder if Gerrard is secretly hoping for a bid for the Colombian so he can replace him with someone who will stay on the pitch more reliably next season.

Still, two months to go…

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