Exposed; the truth about Ejaria, Worrall and Ryan Kent


The truth about loans has been exposed today with the revelations about Ryan Kent and Bristol City, putting an end to ‘conspiracy theories’ about loan players and play clauses.

Rangers fans often wondered last season why the likes of Ovie Ejaria, Joe Worrall, Lassana Coulibaly and indeed Kent himself for the early stages always appeared to get precedence over our own home-grown players. Why Worrall took Katic’s place last autumn, why Ejaria was always selected no matter how little he offered.

Well, sources have revealed that Bristol City were fined a six-figure sum for failing to select Kent according to the agreed numbers confirmed in his contract, clauses which stipulated that the Liverpool winger would get a set number of performances minimum.

Lee Johnston, their coach, dropped a veiled barb at the Anfield giants when he alleged that the Robins’ relationship with them wasn’t the best as a result, and this does go a long way to explaining why the likes of Worrall and Ejaria always seemed to have priority.

Fans have often spoken of it in hushed tones, darkened rooms and conspiracy theories – like when back in the day, Lee McCulloch appeared to be guaranteed to play no matter how poor he was.

Well, loan contracts do indeed have clauses in them for appearances, and clubs who don’t honour those agreements get fined by the parent club – which for smaller clubs or less rich clubs, like Rangers maybe have been in recent seasons, is rather a no-no.

So, rather than risk the loss of hundreds of thousands of pounds, guys like Ejaria and Worrall remain in the team even at the cost of developing our own talent.

In Kent’s case it worked out very well indeed, but Worrall was not a popular player and ditto Ejaria. But the manager just has to hope the loan player delivers otherwise he’s stuck with a dud who must be selected for fear of financial punishment.

Hopefully Sheyi Ojo lives up to the hype.


  1. What a con, these clauses. So Ejaria was useless, scared to get stuck in and cowardly as a player. But, we 'have' to play him, because of an agreed amount of appearances. Time BS clauses like that, were ended, in the football game. It's ok, if he's the likes of Kent, but terrible, if it's the likes of Ejaria and Coullibally. This should be pending an evaluation of their contributions, before we're tied to a clause.

    • But we have to sign up before we know what we are getting. No issue with loaning club protecting their interests, or us using loans. But we need to be MUCH more clever about making sure it works to our benefit

  2. Not all loan deals are the same , so Bristol City had a deal whereby Kent had to play a certain number of games ,it doesn`t mean that all loan deals are the same .Ejaria and Coulibaly made a major contribution to our Euro run and were given time to settle into the kick fest that is Scottish football. Ejaria couldn`t hack it and left and Coulibaly hardly played so where was his appearance agreement .Kent deserved his place and I believe that Gerrard thought that Worrall was in better form than Katic untile he wasn`t .Do our loanees have this as well because the likes of Barjonas hardly played for Bury , did we get money off them ? I doubt it , sometimes its about work experience and the parent club benefits.

    • Did we get get a loan fee for Pena? Did we have a number of games clause? I doubt it. We just wanted him out the door. So I agree all loan deals are different.

  3. Well guess what kids? We have Ojo and possibly Kent around one more time. Hopefully they will be good for the club because the same type of deal will be in place.
    These deals are dangerous and stupid. I certainly hope this Ojo kid is good.

  4. This is nothing new. Liverpool had this with Grujic when he joined Cardiff on loan. Protecting their interests hence why I am not a fan of these loans! Play him or we will fine you bloody madness. Although I think this is more a Big Club thing like City Liverpool etc. I don't imagine Coulibalys club held us to ransom otherwise he would have played more in 2019.

  5. I think you are looking at this the wrong way Liverpool will only loan out a player as long as he is going to get enough game time to develop at his loan club so they put a clause in the contract to that effect because they had players at clubs sitting on the bench rather than playing when he could have been playing in the liverpool reserves and developing You can complain about young players playing when you have gone to clubs in the Premiership looking for their young players Rangers wanted the players and they agreed the clauses the alternative is not to sign loan players to bring in Kent and Ejaria would have cost Rangers £20m money they don't have I think complaining about the players you take on loan will see these clubs look elsewhere when looking to place there youngsters

  6. Can you blame them,if your taking my player on loan i dont want him sitting on the bench,i want him to returned to me a better player with a better return value,you make me money for his services to your club simple


    • Well loan him to a club where you think he will play, e.g. Docherty to Shrewsbury, Rossiter to Bury, Alnwick to wherever.

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