Exposed? Is this the truth behind Eros Grezda and second Rangers star?


Ives Cakarun. You may not have heard his name before, but this Croat agent represents Eros Grezda and today he was in the press explaining Grezda will not be joining up with the rest of the Rangers squad in Portugal next week.

Now, the reasons, quite honestly, we’re past caring about, such is the blatant unprofessionalism of everyone involved, player side, on this shambles, but it did certainly strike us as to who Cakarun actually is:

The agent of Borna Barisic.

That’s right, you can look twice if you wish.

Is there any coincidence both of Rangers’ big money flops from Croatia were driven by the same agent representing them?

Cakarun is part of a Croat agency called Argentum Sport, and he appears to take half the clients while his partner Ninoslav Malenkovic takes the other. Nikola Katic was also part of this agency up to 2017 but switched to Zeleni Centar Sport before he joined Rangers.

Our point is when we look at the £4M Rangers shelled out on these two wasters, it gets seedier when we note both players are with the same agency – an agency which has 30 alleged clients, but given one of them is supposed to be Katic and another Croatia head coach Zlatko Dalic we’re not sure how real this claim actually is.

But nevertheless, Cakarun’s name cropping up as being behind Grezda and Barisic raises some major answers about just how Rangers came about signing these two, who have given the club very little indeed in return for the outlay.

Curiouser and curiouser.


  1. I can relate to where you're coming from, regarding borna barisic and eros grezda not having lived up to expectations, especially so grezda imo,
    but i'll defy anyone to say that barisic isn't a talented left back,
    because he undoubtedly is, IMO.He has to toughen up, for the rigours of scottish football i grant you, but this left back is talented alright.

  2. How silly does this piece look now after Barisic's performances since the summer…fair play to the lad he's turned his career round and actually looking a world class left back. Grezda just dismt cut the mustard not to say hes a bad player and may well work elsewhere was just not a good fit for us

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