Exclusive: new Rangers signing could end up worth 30 times the fee

Exclusive: new Rangers signing could end up worth 30 times the fee

While the outcome of potential new signing Joe Aribo and Lee Bowyer’s talks is not quite yet known, one fact about the possibly incoming attacking midfielder that will please Rangers fans is just what a bargain this kid could be.

Remember, cross-border regulations from FIFA affect this deal, meaning Rangers would get his services for just £250,000 when the reality is his market value is 30 times that at around £7M and set to hike up with his continued development.

In short, if Aribo arrives for the quarter of a million, Rangers will immediately have one of the most valuable players in our squad – instantly.

Currently our prized assets are Alfredo Morelos, Scott Arfield, Glen Kamara and James Tavernier. Each of these is well above £5M in value.

Add Aribo to the mix and suddenly that kid becomes another asset – on the assumption he continues at Ibrox in the vein he’s managed at the Valley, we’re talking a future £10M-£20M asset.

Of course, Aribo still has it all to prove – delivering at League One for Charlton is one thing, delivering against Celtic and in Europe for Rangers quite another – but if he does so, then not only have Rangers essentially picked up a £7M+ asset for free, but one which will rise beyond that in due course too.

Well played!

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  1. Just watched Edmundsen on Youtube. This lad is something special. His win stats on tackling must be enormous. Potentially an amazing capture for us.

  2. Has Aribo been confirmed yet? This is a very simple model for our future. Our scouting department need to be up to the job.

  3. We would like to think this is done however I feel the Rotten Mob might be at work here the jealous bigots that they are …hopefully hiccup and hard up will lose out again WATP

  4. I have always maintained that I will judge all new signings when they play on the pitch for points or cups!
    That said, I feel right now, on the signings we have got right now, we will be fighting for second and third again!
    I'm sick and tired at seeing this mediocrity coming to Ibrox. Mark my words, these players will not deliver the league next season.
    Where are the """"MARQUEE""" signings Gerrard???!!!! It was you that said we needed the better players!!
    We are being bullshitted, utter nonsense to think those players coming in are any better than the ones we have. Sheer fed up with it!! Second or Third next season!

  5. Give it time. The truth is we don't know if the players coming in will be better than what we had. We have to trust that having got the players we targeted that they will be. Having said that's we've just effectively had £14m of debt wiped clear, we've had another bumper season tickets sale, it looks like we've got a fairly clear run to at least the 3rd round in Europe, and there is still a possibility of selling one of our sssets. So surely there is some money available to bring a couple of good players around the £3-4m mark. The bells may start ringing if we don't.

    • The soft loans were converted to shares. So no new money actually came into the club, just a paper shuffling exercise, probably to comply with UEFA FFP.
      We do need some decent players in but look what £3m actually gets you these days. A Motherwell youth who has only played just over 30 games

    • I'm aware it was a conversion to shares but we don't actually owe anyone £14m so that's a bonus. £3m might not buy us much but it's all we can afford so let's hope we get more Alfredo Morelos than Carlos Pena.

  6. I don't know why you rate glen kamara so highly. He's had some really poor games and some alright games, he's never been a standout. Alright he's a Finnish international but they're just as pish as Scotland.
    Airbo is the sort of player we should be going for , he has high potential. Even if we only have him for one season. Just hope we can get the deal done

    • Puzzled at this post. Kamara is average and he's only a Finnish international (schooled at Arsenal) but Aribo, who has played in League One and hasn't had a sniff of a cap, is the type of player we should be going for.

  7. I hope Aribo is better than he was when I watched him in the two Play Off games. He is good in final third but defensively he lacked fight and courage losing most 50/50's.

    I'll judge them all when they play in blue but so far I think the team that beat Celtic at Ibrox is still our best eleven, and if that is the case when the window closes I'll be disappointed

    • Odd argument. He’s an attacking midfielder. Not sure we’ve seen much defending from the Graham Dorrans types tbh!

    • Even attackers have to win 50/50's, show fight and courage and press their opponent to win the ball back. Pretty basic.

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