Tuesday, 11 June 2019

English manager 'confirms' targeting Rangers winger...

After the reports yesterday circumstantially linking a loan departure for Glenn Middleton to Doncaster, we do feel a little sad the 19-year old seems to have entirely faded from the first team after such a promising start.

Rovers’ manager Grant McCann has been dropping some hints about bringing a new winger in, and given the narrow range of criteria he used, the 2+2=5 answer does look a lot like Middleton, which of course is no sure thing but highly feasible.

The fact is Rangers’ promising young winger disappeared after that European cameo, and we could see his deterioration ourselves at the site, noting that his appearances after that appeared to be limited to head down and run fast.

He admitted himself he was trying too hard, and his ‘surprise package’ element already seemed to be suffering.

This is a player who, sadly, probably hasn’t benefited much yet from Steven Gerrard’s management unlike countless others who really have. We’re not sure Gerrard managed him too well, given the initial overexposure then absolute dropping.

Middleton ended up in the Development/Reserve side (whatever it’s even called these days) and did fine by all accounts but it’s quite a dunt to the ego to go from Rapid to Raith.

He clearly needs senior minutes and if they are to be at Rovers in League One, well, look how Jordan Rossiter and Greg Docherty benefited from those lower leagues (we know we know, Rossiter was League two).

And he clearly does have the potential – but Rangers right now doesn’t seem to be the place to develop that. Which we’ll have further news on later.

So, if McCann does get his man, it’s a plan.

We’re here all week (unfortunately).

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