Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Double devastation - Rangers star targeted - silly money needed

Sure, it was effectively a bounce match and therefore behind closed doors, but Scott Arfield’s evening in LA recently against Trinidad only showed again the astonishing blossoming of this 30-year old who, it appears to us, is having an Indian summer in his career and blooming more now than he ever has.

As he said himself, he’s never been happier in his time in football, with his being back in Glasgow and his family settled, and that showed at the Memorial Coliseum as he bagged the two goals in a 2-0 win over the designated ‘home’ side (neutral venue) .

As we say, it was only a fitness run out to prepare for the Gold Cup and meaningless in the grand scheme of things, but the fact our lad scored a brace and captained Canada to the win just reinforced how privileged Rangers are to have a player of this quality.

His first, a close-range stunning and clinical volley was followed by a half volley from outside the box, and it managed to be even better – it’s no wonder EPL sides are keeping close tabs on the ex-Burnley man and seriously considering whether or not to try bringing him back down south – the fact is they would have to bid big cash and even then Arfield is settled and content north of the border.

Would he really want to throw all this away?

Sure, the EPL is and always will be the Promised Land for any credible footballer, but the reality is Arfield proved himself down there already, and barring a top 6 club signing him, he wouldn’t get European football, which he does at Ibrox.

So, staying in Govan, on a personal and professional level, seems his best bet.

Of course, we’re selfish – we want to keep our best players, especially those who captain their country to wins and score belting goals in the process.

And just like Jordan Jones are winning matches for their country single handedly.

It would have to be an absurd bid for Rangers to even consider it at this point.

We’re sure Scott Brown is praying it is.

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