Confusion over future of £2M man – bizarre twist…


As we know Albanian flop Eros Grezda has arranged showdown talks with Steven Gerrard this week to discuss his future, but frankly given how staggeringly poor he was last season, we would seriously hope our manager is to tell him to find another club.

However, it all got further confusing last night with the social media stuff about his withdrawing from international duty for ‘personal reasons’.

The whole Grezda tale has been a colossal waste of time and money on Rangers’ part – information is he was vouched for by Borna Barisic, and that’s why Steven Gerrard and Rangers did not carry out due diligence with regards the medical – we all know Grezda was injured, and couldn’t pass one, but it appears Stevie was willing to trust the Croat’s judgement on Grezda and signed him for the £2M.

He took a gamble on an injured player, hoping he’d work out as a bargain once fit.

National boss Christian Panucci himself made a borderline hysterical claim that Grezda was a £20M player, which probably didn’t help Gerrard’s caution on the decision, and before we knew it we’d splashed seven figures on a total risk. One which did not have an ounce of reward.

And last night’s oddity of his withdrawal via social media from international duty just further sullied the cloud over the ex-Osijek man.

We really hope here at Ibrox Noise that Steven Gerrard has learned his lesson with regards overseas signings. He’s now a manager with a season’s experience under his belt, but he simply wasted £4M on Grezda and Barisic in expensive mistakes we hope can be fixed this summer with their departures.

But the Grezda situation really is a complete fudge and totally bizarre.

What next?


  1. There is NO way Rangers signed Grezda on the recommendation of Barisic a guy who was only in the door two weeks himself .You really need to stop dealing in ridiculous rumours and give the club some credit for professionalism .He has been a bad signing in the same way Lafferty was a bad signing , it happens .

    • Grezda hadn't played a minute of football since May 2018. There was zero professionalism about this signing. And the comparison with Lafferty who was doing it for Hearts is entirely invalid, we'd have to say.

  2. Keyboard wizards at it already! some of our best players have come from overseas so you are wrong there.

    • Uhh, what are you talking about sir? We didn't say don't sign overseas players! We said we hope Steven Gerrard has learned HIS lesson about them and improves in judgement of them, because he didn't sign very good ones. That, we hope, was pretty clear. Well, evidently not to you.

  3. He comes across as having a terrible attitude, However, if the reason he has pulled out is to ensure he's fit for pre-season, then good. But he may be making sure he's still fit so he can get a transfer, however, you'd imagine he want to put himself in the shop window by playing well for his country

  4. He is an international player apparently highly regarded in some quarters so let's see if we can move him on for a decent fee and maybe make a wee profit. No harm done and best solution all round.

  5. There's no harm in moving players on if they'd don't work out. Sourness was a master at it. When you sign so many players, as Gerrard had to do, then there are bound to be some failures in there.

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