Comical meltdown towards Rangers is getting worse day by day….


Lee Bowyer’s rattle seems to have been hoisted even further out of his pram as the former Leeds midfielder continued to melt down over the loss of Joe Aribo.

Bowyer, a colourful chap in his playing days (ok, he was a complete thug for those who remember him and ended up in court at least once while bringing English football into utter disrepute) has taken to every airwave that will listen to him with an illogical and idiotic rant which only serves to demonstrate how petty he is to have lost his best player.

Let’s first remember that Bowyer said he could have understood Aribo moving to a PL side to go up a level, and while he had nothing against Rangers (or Celtic) it wasn’t a good move to switch to Scottish football. Let’s face it – this isn’t a hundred miles off the truth. But unfortunately Bowyer’s pettiness bubbled to the surface by being rather explicit that Rangers specifically rather than the SPL ‘wasn’t a good place’ for him to go.

And today the Charlton manager has let it go further, by undermining his already rampant hypocrisy.

Now, recall, Bowyer himself was heavily linked with a move out, and did absolutely nothing to reject those stories for nearly two weeks – his claim now is he was never leaving, and it was about getting a deal done. Ok mate, why not say that?

But regardless, we already know him to be hurling all sorts of toys out of prams so logic flies similarly out of the window, so his beauty today that Aribo should have gone to Brentford instead really is just a man bitterly frothing.

Brentford. In the Championship. Same level as Charlton. Not up the level like you wanted for him Mr Bowyer.

Remember, to quote Bowyer – he only cares about Aribo’s career, so first it’s a PL experience you want for the lad, now it’s a Championship one?

Hell, you’d be happy with the Vanarama league as long as it’s not Rangers, right?

Or, are you just being completely irate that you’ve lost your best player no matter where he’s gone, and are a tad annoyed that you only got £250,000 for him rather than what he’s worth?

Suck it up mate – football isn’t fair. Every team has been screwed over by various unfavourable laws, and Rangers have been as much a victim of this as anyone. As a Leeds man, you should be a heck of a lot more sympathetic to clubs struggling against adversity.

But no, the immaturity comes out, the rattles fly over the carpet, and Bowyer throws a non-stop tantrum.

Oh well, gives us something to talk about we suppose.