Celtic’s obsessed are trying to ruin all things Rangers


It’s with more than a spot of amusement that Ibrox Noise is noting the ‘stories’ about Rangers’ future season prospects and potential signings seem to be coming more and more from Parkhead sources.

Every day we see another ex-Celtic punter, be it Chris Sutton or the latest in the form of Jackie McNamara, mouthing off about the good, bad and ugly at Ibrox, as if their opinion actually matters.

Particularly, recently, the latter – a football aggregation site has recently started asking the ex-Celtic fullback what he thinks about all things Rangers, and frankly, while he’s a Parkhead favourite we dislike less than most (was one of the few to defend Rangers over the EBT nonsense) nevertheless what he thinks of what Rangers need is not something we want splashed all over the media.

It’s not something we care about, but the headlines seem to all be about what Celtic people think about Rangers.

We genuinely are not interested in nor care about what they think, but the overwhelming stench of their opinions in our media are starting to engulf neutrality and overtake the views, for example, of our own ex-legends.

Admittedly it is ‘all about opinions’ and we know they are kind of obsessed, but do we really need our media clogged up with the thoughts about Rangers from everyone of a green and white persuasion?

It’s bad enough that our media is biased against us in the first place, in concert with our game authorities too, but that ‘journalists’ are asking ex-Celtic people what they think about Rangers on a regular basis is gutter hacking at its worst.

We’d say ‘boycott’ the media but then we can’t even ‘log on’ either without a former Celtic defender telling us how to run our club.

Thanks for the advice, but no thanks.


  1. Haha, i noticed this as well, Jackie needs a bit of extra cash seeing as he was denied a pay rise and forced to leave when he was their captain, and hasn't achieved much since

  2. Does any bear even care what these people say or write about OUR club, I do not care one bit , and as for the mainstream media those clowns are not even worth talking about .

  3. Anybody or anything that has a connection to that club should only be concerned with what's been happening with regards to themselves and not the famous. As for Mutton, must be a contender for gobshite of the decade.

  4. They also try to sell it as an "Ibrox exclusive" what an absolute joke. An Ibrox exclusive by Jackie it may as well be an exclusive by Jackie Collins for all we care.

  5. They're obsessed with us because nobody gives a toss about their crummy little diseased club WATP

  6. Lol I see the headlines and move on couldn't give 2 fucks what they think about us. Every single one o them are full of shite

  7. They can keep their advice. Perhaps the UB should send them a banner message. They've revelled in our downfall and will get theirs. That perch they sit on is getting thinner, every season that goes by.

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