Bidding war starts – Rangers set to nail £20M in big sale…


With sources confirming Rangers have slapped a minimum £10M pricetag on captain James Tavernier, the club is set to rake in at least double that for the 27-year old this summer given the number of suitors who want his services.

At least two Premier League sides have been quoted as interested, in Brighton and Aston Villa, and a glut of others are said to be in the mix, and with Rangers putting eight figures on Tavernier’s head, the former Wigan man is almost certainly going to fetch around double the base £10M given the likely bidding war that will ensue for his signature.

Of course there remains a chance Tavernier will want to remain at Ibrox, but the reality is the Premier League in England is the Promised Land, and at his age, having only played two senior matches at that level in his Newcastle days, the right back will surely want to both prove himself at that level, and get the vastly increased riches on offer in that division.

He might even have one eye on a serious shot at playing for England as well, even if not exactly a starter.

Nevertheless, if Rangers are to sell Tavernier, the base price is now £10M, and certain to go much higher.

Is he one Rangers should sell?

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  1. As much as I would love to keep Tav or get the Big Money for Him …

    I think we have to be Realistic

    If a Team such as Villa/Southampton or whoever come in with a bid of say
    £13.5m-£15m & offering 40k a Week
    …Tav is Away

  2. Do bidding wars really happen? Surely each club bids 10m and then the player decides who he prefers.

  3. If we want to stop 9, we have to keep simple as that.

    Did select the 20m+ though. Even 12+ we would have to sell at. Too good to refuse and we could try get Kent permanently and put Polster/Flanagan at RB. Would be hard to replace his 20 assists wingers would need to step up.

  4. Didn't we get 9 million for Alan hutton all those years ago an attacking right back who couldn't defend, so fast forward 2019 surely we get double that for our present right back. Rangers used hold out for good money in those days ( Boumsong, cuellar, ect so why not now.

  5. Apologies, couldn't vote as you did not have the option to sell at 2+ million. Anyways, Tav will be in a Rangers jersey next season. Nobody will ever buy him for the above quoted prices.

  6. Just because we set a price of 10m doesn't mean bids will up that 100% ive never seen that happen.

  7. why sell what we cant replace thers no defender in epl or elies were scored goas he has also hes wurth 50 m at lest or more at lest

  8. There's no another FB in GB football who can swan past two and three players at a time and also remembering that due to real Good coaching that Tav's defensive duties have tightened up somewhat and WAY better than teerny.

  9. He can't defend, you talk about his goals but 95% of them come from penalties. If we are offered £4m we will accept it

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