“Activation” – Rangers attacker drops curious admission…

“Activation” – Rangers attacker drops curious admission…

Covered earlier, Jamie Murphy has returned to training full-scale after a horror injury left him sidelined the entire campaign last term, and the winger has been speaking about his rehabilitation and pleasure at being back.

However, Murphy’s most telling revelation was to explain that having been through such a staggering injury which left him AWOL for effectively a full season, that returning to action isn’t just a case now of picking up the ball and getting on with it.

No, Jamie Murphy, in something out of Robocop, now requires to be ‘activated’ before activity first.

He said:

“I’ve got to go in the gym before training every day and do some activation before we start, just little different things that I maybe didn’t have to do before. I’m fully aware I need to do all that now so I can keep my career going as long as possible.”

Fans underestimate just how much of a change to a career a season-ending injury can actually bring – requiring a player to operate an entirely different preparation and warm up – he can’t now just run straight onto the training pitch, do a bit of stretching and get on with it.

No, now he has to go into the gym and carry out a specific regime of activity and ‘activation’ before his body is ready to hit the full-scale training rigours.

As we said earlier, we don’t really know exactly where Murphy will fit in, given the competition in his slot, but good luck to him anyway.

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  1. Good article IN, I totally sympathize with Jamie. I can't think of any players coming back from such an injury and play better or as good as he was prior to the injury. Like yourselves, I also wish him all the best and hope he remains injury free.

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