“A step backwards” – fans angry at Rangers move…


Ibrox Noise noted with interest the reaction from a large portion of Charlton fans who had the audacity to suggest departing Joe Aribo was going to a terrible club and league and that the move was a ‘step backwards’ in his development.

Indeed, our source at the Valley expressed only disappointment at losing the 22-year old AM on pure ability and contribution grounds, but admitted Rangers was a good move. Admittedly not as much on a league level, but certainly on a club grandeur level.

But let’s examine this ‘step backwards’ piffle – is going to the SPL a step backwards in the development of an exciting young attacking player who’s more accustomed to League One or the Championship?

The case in point example has to be Ryan Kent.

Kent, a failed Bristol, Barnsley and Freiburg loanee, found his stock at effectively nil when he joined Rangers. Frankly, no one knew who he was, and his loan at Bristol was so poor that his loan manager accepted a fine in face of not selecting him.

His reputation was non-existent.

12 months later at Ibrox and he’s worth £12M, won Young Player of the Year and his stock has never been even close to half of the level it’s currently at.

A step backwards, you say?

Not sure he’d agree with that.

It’s true – the SPL is a pretty awful league and it’s filled with hatchet men. We accept that point. The lack of finesse is not for everyone. But those who survive it, nay, thrive in it, not only excel, but find their stock rising. Nathan Oduwa is a fine counter example – sure, he was only Championship in Scotland but the rules are similar, and the silky winger sunk badly under the physicality of the league. Same with Ovie Ejaria – just couldn’t cope.

But Kent has – and then some.

So to suggest the league is a step backwards for any player’s development shows a nonsense level of understanding of what ‘development’ is and how it applies to an individual player.

Furthermore, and here’s the real kicker for a number of Charlton fans angry about this signing – Joe Aribo isn’t coming to Ibrox to ‘develop’ – he’ll be our player, and he’s already at an age where he’s defining who he is and what kind of player he wants to be.

And he’s now past the ‘developing’ stage and while he will evolve and grow more, he’ll now be Rangers’ own player – so not one we’re ‘developing’ for anyone else.

Aribo is still in discussions with Charlton last we heard, but his destination choice remains Rangers. Hopefully it’ll go through soon and he can take that ‘step backwards’ as quickly as possible…


  1. I think Joe will be very impressed with Ibrox and as you say. It's grandure, not so sure about a wet December evening at Ross County or Inverness in front of crowds on a par to league two,and let's be honest if you had to pay his true worth you wouldn't be interested, the fact is the championship is the 5th or 6th biggest league in Europe, I think he should have gone to a bigger club like Leeds Derby or west brom.

    • Give me one objective criteria to support your assertion that any of Leeds, Derby or West Brom are bigger clubs than Rangers…just one

    • It's a nonsense to suggest Leeds, Derby or West Brom are bigger – look at the hype over Gerrard to Ibrox compared with the modest response to Lampard going to Derby. Leeds are the only side in there to even have a credible case and they've been sub-30K every other week for about 20 years now. That all said, you're probably right about the Championship – we'd say only EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, and possibly Primera Liga are bigger than the Championship. We wouldn't even include Serie A any more. It's probably about the same, aside Juve and distant second placed Napoli. Championship really is a very, very good and big league.

    • I wish people would stop refering to big clubs as the ones with money. Man city are a smaller club than rangers in terms of history, stature, fan base etc. Theres only a handful of teams in the EPL who can compete in terms of what really makes a club. Money comes and goes!! The bubble will burst as sky cant keep charging more for subscribers and Arabs will get fed up etc. Its coming its economics it has to!

  2. A young player going to a world known club with a midfield legend as a manager that plays in front of 50,000 very demanding fans every other week, competing for trophies and playing in Europe can never be described as a step backwards.

  3. The main thing I'm happy about is that Charlton are gutted to see him go. We've signed too many over the last few years where the other club couldn't wait to get rid

  4. I think Joe will get what Rangers are about when he runs onto Ibrox in front of the most loyal. . It's a good move to enhance his already decent ability. The SPFL is crap we all agree but unfortunately it won't change anytime soon due to specific infiltration and poor management. Welcome Joe WATP

  5. Excellent article IN. The "backward step" is just the reality of how England sees Scottish football. Let us hope Aribo completes his deal!

  6. Lets see in front of 40,000 fans has he ever played in front of that size of crowd


  7. 5th or 6th best league in the world ? the English premier is not even the best full of old pros for a final pay deal where fans sit together with 2 club names printed on they're scarves , don't make us laugh

  8. Just an wanted to get your attention,thank you for acknowledging the status of the championship,of course Rangers are what I would rate as a "World " club have been following football for decades the worldwide canvass must be huge, but as a lifelong Charlton supporter it "miffs" me that yet another club is benefitting from the shambollic running of our club, Aribo is a star in the making and he will be a wonderful asset to your midfield, but you have got him oh so cheap.

  9. Did not say "best" said biggest , trust me I would love to return to the days good young talent was the order of the day, bit like Charlton producing great young talent in today's football environment, and then giant clubs come along and get them for peanuts.

  10. See one Rangers
    Fan questioned whether Aribo has ever played in front of 40000 fans before, well in May he played for Charlton in front of nearly 77,000 at the league ONE play off final at Wembley, name another country on planet earth where two THIRD TIER football teams could attract such an attendance.Joe did alright.

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