Friday, 14 June 2019

A mega double - why this should excite Rangers fans big time...

Accused of a touch of negativity recently (who, us!? NEVER) there’s been something exciting we’re been holding off publishing because it’s not confirmed yet, but if it is, we must admit it has us very, very intrigued.

As Rangers fans know, we remain in negotiations to try to get Ryan Kent back on loan for another year, something which even a week ago looked impossible.

Meanwhile Rangers are said to be close to a deal to bring Liverpool’s Sheyi Ojo on loan as well, while Charlton’s Joe Aribo is on the horizon as well.

Now, while this doesn’t exactly guarantee 55 any time soon, the fact Ojo’s career stats were far superior to Kent’s before Rangers (and look how well the latter turned out) does bode well – and the ultimate scenario is:

Ryan Kent on the left, Ojo on the right.

It’s actually very, very exciting indeed. From those who have watched Ojo regularly, reports we’ve received from our source is he’s an outstanding winger with skill in abundance and more potential than Kent ever did. And given how Kent has thrived in Scotland, Ojo could well be absolutely lethal up here.

Meanwhile, Aribo (our sources at the Valley are desperate to hold onto him) behind them really does make for something very promising indeed.

And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten Jordan Jones, or Scott Arfield in his new unconventional attacking position – Kent, Ojo, Jones and Arfield with Aribo. Ignoring all the trash that’s also in those slots, we must say that’s a much more promising setup and we really excited by what Kent, Ojo and Jones can do for us.

We’re not saying we’re bouncing off the walls in anticipation – Jones is untried under the pressure of Rangers, and Ojo is rather unknown to the majority, but while football isn’t played on paper, it’s still an exciting prospect and there’s really a lot of potential.

Hopefully come next season all these guys are ours and the vision matches the hype.

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