A matter of £100K – transfer saga gets embarrassing?


Rangers are understood to be steeped in negotiations with Oldham for 21-year old CB George Edmundson, but a matter of only £100,000 appears to be the stumbling block for a deal.

The English defender saw Rangers have a £450,000 bid rejected by Oldham, before allegations Peterborough had submitted one for £600,000, and had it accepted.

But the chairman of Posh Darragh MacAnthony denied this and it’s been left to Rangers to try to give Oldham what they want for the League Two stopper, yet the most recent bid was £500,000 and Rangers are unwilling to add another £100,000 to the pot.

It all adds up to negotiations getting a little crude and messy, whereas over the matter of barely six figures Rangers could have had their man ages ago.

We do wonder why big shiny players like Grezda, Katic, Goldson and Barisic all had Rangers happily throw millions at their clubs to get their assets, but there’s heavy bartering going on to get Edmundson?

The saga continues…


  1. Why should we pay over the odds for a player who appears to want to come to us? Good on Rangers for holding out & not being held to ransom…100k is 100k…

  2. yip, if it's for 100 000 then it's really time to worry if we can't pay that for a young centre half who the manger wants, not panicking just yet but need to see there is money there available, I'm not expecting 20million but signs there is funds there.

  3. Wow!!! "only 100k"?? Really??? Its called financial prudence!!

    Why are some Rangers fans so two faced… They want their cake and eat it…!!! "Rangers must stop being held to ransom for players and STOP wating money" THEN "Its only 100k we should just give in!!"

    Over and above that, how does ANYONE know what the REAL state of affairs is? How does ANYONE know its not happening over "just" 100k. Because of what the phress says?

    Only a year or two ago rangers fans were calling for the days of business NOT getting done in public, not getting done in the papers…. Just like the good old days… The Rangers way.

    NOW, when much of our business is done on the "down low" some of us are listening to papers and their "guesses" or the info being fed to them by sellers. Remember this particular story has ALREADY been shown as a lie re the accepted offer

    • So why happily spend £2M on an injured player like Grezda when we actually had less money but haggle over £100,000 for a young 21-year old defender when we're off the back of a £7M windfall in Europe and for finishing second?

    • So because we have had a "7 M windfall" we should pay more for a player than we value him at "just because its only 100k???
      Maybe because we valued Grezda at 2M or more AND were confident that the injury wouldnt be a problem??
      I go back to my original point… Who said its over 100k??

  4. Sounds like shit paper talk. 1st the claim Peterborough bid, when they didn't, now the claim we are £100k short. They know fuck all and are just driving click bait articles

    • Perhaps Gav but we would wonder then why the deal hasn't been confirmed yet? It's been in the works for a fortnight.

  5. We offered £0.5 million and it was rejected , Portsmouth have now offered £0.6 million and it has been accepted so now we know what they actually want for the guy, there is nothing to say we won`t now go back in especially if he wants to play for us.We actually did do something similar for Goldson , it was negotiated to £3 million we didn`t offer that originally ,as for the 3 " foreign" signings you mention who knows what negotiations went on , the press don`t ,they even overstated all the fees according to the club.

  6. Grezda is an international as is Barasic…it's only Croatia he plays for! You ever heard of this guy before? No? Wind it in or would you pay a £100,000 over valuation price of a house? Either that or pop down the bank and withdraw your £100,000 to help buy him. Its only a £100,000 that put us in this shite…never forget it.

  7. His club value him at 600k clearly – So that's his valuation price!

    Did you buy your house on what you valued it at or what the seller valued it at? Or if they offered you 100k less than someone else would you entertain it?

    Talk sense! – Rangers have made it clear they really want this player. They have been told what it will take to sign him so we either meet it or pull out and stop talking about him.

    By the way, Internationals or not, Grezda and Barasic were valued less than we paid for them and that is the point!

    • Will, we must attest, we have absolutely no idea if you're agreeing with us wholeheartedly or telling us we're wildly wrong with this piece…

    • Sorry Will, didn't spot Jim's reply. When you respond to individual posts, try to actually directly do so with the reply button on their post rather than a general reply to the whole article! Cheers.

    • Oops my bad, sorry I.N. – I'm in agreement with you guys on this deffo. Good article..cheers. Watp

    • "By the way, Internationals or not, Grezda and Barasic were valued less than we paid for them and that is the point!"

      According to who???

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