Friday, 14 June 2019

A matter of £100K - transfer saga gets embarrassing?

Rangers are understood to be steeped in negotiations with Oldham for 21-year old CB George Edmundson, but a matter of only £100,000 appears to be the stumbling block for a deal.

The English defender saw Rangers have a £450,000 bid rejected by Oldham, before allegations Peterborough had submitted one for £600,000, and had it accepted.

But the chairman of Posh Darragh MacAnthony denied this and it’s been left to Rangers to try to give Oldham what they want for the League Two stopper, yet the most recent bid was £500,000 and Rangers are unwilling to add another £100,000 to the pot.

It all adds up to negotiations getting a little crude and messy, whereas over the matter of barely six figures Rangers could have had their man ages ago.

We do wonder why big shiny players like Grezda, Katic, Goldson and Barisic all had Rangers happily throw millions at their clubs to get their assets, but there’s heavy bartering going on to get Edmundson?

The saga continues…

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